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Bombay Bicycle Club.

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Tuesday 15th July 2014.


Bombay Bicycle Club are an English indie rock band from Crouch EndLondon, consisting of Jack Steadman (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jamie MacColl (guitar), Suren de Saram (drums) and Ed Nash (bass). They are guitar-fronted and have experimented with different genres, including folkelectronicaworld music and indie rock. The band were given the opening slot on 2006′s V Festival after winning a competition. They subsequently released two EPs and their debut single “Evening/Morning“. Since then, the band have released four albums including “So Long See You Tomorrow” which topped the album charts in February 2014. The band have toured worldwide as a headlining act, playing North America, Australia, Europe and the Far East.

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Porch Stories Pt 9 [Final Part?]

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Sunday 13th July 2014



Part 9.

Words 924

Gaa/C© May 12th 2014

Excerpt from Pt-8 — As we walked back through the woods the same middle aged woman approached us, “Stay away from them they are none of your business.” and she was gone.

I looked at Mr Wells, “Doesn’t that just make one want to find out more?”

He nodded and we continued to the time machine.

During the next day we hid in the corner of the small house under the invisibility cloak. For a couple of hours nothing unusual happened, Carol went about her normal daily routine. She sat at intervals gathering her breath, or to refresh with a coffee, I thought she looked a little agitated. Always looking about herself, expecting someone to appear or something to happen or both. I thought for a brief moment she could see us or knew we were there, but…

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Whilst the Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping.[Folk Song]

Sunday 13th July 2014


Gamekeepers good one

Gamekeeper words good one


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The Ghost Party [Forest Tales Series]

Friday 4th July 2014.


This story has many variations from many countries. the basics remaining the same. My story although it was attached to the Isle of Wight, I could easily have adapted it to a place in my old home village of Brockenhurst. There is at least two places I can think of.

The Ghost Party..

Words 450.

Way back in 1821, George Maurice Bisset, the owner of the most grandest mansions to be seen, in a fit of temper he set fire to it and burnt it to the ground. This was because he did not want his daughter to inherit. This was because she had the temerity to marry a clergyman without her fathers consent. All that was left of the mansion now are two gateposts standing at the end of the long drive.

A hundred years later in the 1920s me as a young man was walking the road enjoying the scene, and making notes for my blogging stories. It was very cold night, and it was getting late. and I thought it time to try to find a room for the night.  As I went I came upon two gateposts with heraldic beasts on top of them. I was so impressed, and, given it being New Years Eve, I wondered if I could a night’s shelter here.

          I walked down the drive, and saw that there were lights ablaze in every window of the mansion, and sounds of gaiety and laughter: there was a great party going on. It was obviously  fancy dress, because the men wore powdered wigs and women were resplendent in their Georgian dresses.

I banged on the front door and on the windows, but could not get any attention. After a period I gave up: but I was half way up the drive when I thought I would go back and try again. As I turned, a black carriage pulled by four black horses came thundering down the drive from the house towards me: I flung myself into a ditch to avoid being trampled beneath the hooves. I was so shaken, bruised and very angry, that I decided not to return.

I later found a room in the village in a small, quaint lodging house. When I was talking to the landlady about my experience, she told me that the house was long gone: it had been knocked down in her great – grannies time.

The next day I decided to go back, and found nothing but an overgrown road with two old gateposts at the entrance. There were no heraldic beasts on the gateposts, no house. All he could see was a field, a tumbledown barn an old orchard, and a tangle of weeds.



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Monday 30th June 2014.  .

This post is probably of very little interest to most of you, but I thought I should post something and here it is. and an excuse to say it is my..

Just found this social media site for the local area of which one lives. Just enter your post code and a valid email and it will link you up to your area. On doing this there are many other options to be found. I have not delved too deep as yet but it does look good. A bit like an online neighbourhood watch, selling stuff, advertising an event. 



Dont know about other countries but this is ideal for UK. Maybe other countries have something similar, what ever you may think I hope you enjoy it in some way and seek it out.


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WPC -Contrast.

Saturday 28th June 2014.

cooltext1179072164    For my 101 challenges a total of 20 short, very short stories.

Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.

Sunrises April 12 2010


Hotel Sunrise.

Sunset Hotel April 7 2010

Hotel Sunset.

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Write 101-Day 17.

Wednesday 25th June 2014

Personality on a Page.

Writing00999jpg.jpg   For all the original 101 Stories..


writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write 101 -Day 17 – We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

Today’s twist: Write this post in a distinct style from your own.



Gaa/C© June 2014

Water, water everywhere and I steer clear of it. Well not quite true, I just remain a safe distance from the liquid. While my friends, in the past, would arrange and go swimming whether it be swimming pools or the beach, I would always remain home, making my excuses. As it was swimming bored me, and sun bathing on the beach was and still is to me a complete and utter waste of time. Nothing is more boring than sitting on the beach trying to get skin cancer. But my fear is water and has been for as long as I can remember.

One hot summers day my mother packed a picnic and took us down to the river, this part of our local river was like a mini beach, pebble shingle and a variety of depths to paddle or swim. The water was clean fresh and cool, and was a very popular meeting place for local families and very safe for their children. The main advantage of this part of the river was that the parents always had their children in view.

I was about eight years of age, and playing happily in the water with friends and my brother. All was going well, laughing and enjoying the water, running in and of the water, stopping for a sandwich and a drink and back into the water. I was happy in the water until an accident happened and I think it was this that put me off water ever since. I fell and lost control and submerged, completely underwater, I then scrambled about in a panic. A friend nearby pulled me up out of the water and I went and sat on the river bank. Not really knowing or understanding what had happened, all I do know is, I never went near water again. Needless to say I have never learnt to swim, I did however make sure my daughter learnt to swim and she loves the water. She swims well, like a fish as the saying goes. Yeh right!

A little contradiction is I love boats and being on the water in boats, the small ones can be scary, but the bigger ones, like ferries and cruise liners and yachts I love and enjoy the sailing. Not sure what would happen if the boats hit a problem, how I would react, my calm and relaxed persona would possibly fly out the porthole.

For awhile I fitted cookers and heaters into boats of various sizes and getting to some were a little risky to say the least. To get to some of these yachts the supply of small rubber dinghy or inflatable crafts were used and these frightened the pants off me. Walking along beaches and coast lines is a hobby of mine enjoying the views and looking out to the sea, but I always remain a good distance.

I use to enjoy walking in the rain, that cool refreshing feeling was so invigorating. But swimming pools and coastal beach bathing is not for me, much else about water is okay.

Gaa/C June 25th 2014

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Write 101- Day 11[Size Matters]

Monday 16th June 2014.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?  

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.



My Abode and Dwelling.

Write 101

Day 11.


Today my mother woke me and my brothers and surprised us by saying we were going out. Dad was to take us to a safari park. So we were to get ready, and this meant the usual, a good wash, clean behind the ears, clean clothes and breakfast.

My brothers and I ran about the house, excited to be going out, this was a rare thing for our family as we were not a wealthy family.  The three bedroom house mostly seemed to be plenty large enough for us, but when all us kids are rushing about trying to get ready we would keep bumping into each other and like all kids keep moaning about it. Up the stairs I would run, into my bedroom, rummage through my clothes drawer settle for something, put it on and then be out by my front gate and waiting. Dad was checking the oil level in his car.  Our garden was a nice size, my dad grows fruits, gooseberry and strawberry and blackcurrant  and sweet corn. While at the same time there was room for us kids to play around in. I fell in love with small apple tree near our back door, here was the kitchen and mum often watched us through the kitchen window. This apple tree became an important part of my life in later years.

While waiting for mum to finish off getting the picnic and drinks I stood at the gate and looked up and down the road, a small private road, with thirty two houses. Ours a semi detached, but there a mix of four house terraced as well. I loved this house and place we lived, a village in the south with a huge mix of characters. We had to deal with animals wandering the village, horses, cows and donkeys, they were mostly friendly. There was the odd bad tempered one. I then started thinking of the long haired highland cow that frightened the daylights out of me.

Dad had finished the service of his car, and I was now joined by my older brother. He was more excited than me. We all helped load the car with the food and drinks and mother made sure she had the boiled sweets for us kids. Shortly after us three kids and mother and father was on our way. We headed along the short road and turned onto the main village high street, through the watersplash and turned left onto the main road and was now heading out of our village. Dad had to brake when he came upon a herd of horses walking along the side of the road. Always had to be alert because these horses would just walk out in front of the cars. There were quite a few deaths of horse every year, and sometime the occupants of the car were killed. This time of year deer were a problem, especially at night. They would jump the fencing and run across the road in large herds, following each other in a line. The forestry commission fitted many reflectors to the fence posts, they were  angled so as to reflect car lights into the woods. This often deterred the deer  from jumping the fencing, keeping the road clear.

Another animal that lost its life regularly on the side of the road was rabbits, also coming out at night and they always followed the grass verges.

Gaa/C©  16th June 2014

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Pt 7 Porch Stories/ Devil or Demon

Originally posted on Sitting on the Porch:

Wednesday 11th June 2014



Pt 7

Words 853.

Gaa/C April 2014©

I wanted to be gone, I wanted to be out of the house, but Mr Wells squeezed my hand and made a gesture to be quiet and hold our spot. I held my position but I was shaking and very nervous, the sight we both could see was frightening.

Mr Wells squeezed my arm gently, a sign of assurance for me, I could see him put his finger across his lips expressing silence is the key. I need not be told twice, I was frozen rigid, and silence and stillness was top of my list.

“She has summoned a demon or devil of some sort.” Mr Wells whispered in my ear. I was hoping we would not be heard. I was completely mesmerised with the events that were unfolding in front of us, I could not take my eyes…

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WPC – Extra, Extra.

Friday 13th June 2014

Extra, Extra. 

A beautiful photo is one thing, but a photo with an unexpected detail has personality and pop. This week, share a photo that has a little something extra.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2 Pop over and  Read  my 101 June challenges on my other blog.cooltext1179072164

Just click the link and enjoy, Thank you.


Gorilla Enclosure AK April 17 2010 9

My buddy saying hello.

Gorilla Enclosure AK April 17 2010 10

My buddy posing, just look at his eyes. They tell you a story.


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