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I Have a Problem.

Wednesday 15th October 2014…

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NaNoWriMoI have got a problem, okay I’ve got lots of problems but that is not for public disclosure. Being crazy or idiotic or just not of this world. Alien is what I am.

I have been trying to prepare for Nanowrimo this year, November is the month. My idea was to write part two of my story ‘Birth of the Wizard Prince’ in fact it will be finishing the story. I have done part one equaling 50,000 + words but got involved with other things like staying in hospital for 5 weeks. This is how it stands, all my poor characters stuck in limbo, suspended animation, waiting for my pen, so to speak, to move them on help them with their adventure and bring their story to a climax, a happy and satisfactory ending. But we all know stories do not end the way we always plan. 


Anyway, once again I sidetrack myself, easily done when you are me. But you are not me are you, so you probably wouldn’t know would you? I thought I would read my story ‘Wizard Prince’ you remember the title don’t you? just to refresh my memory of the story line, the characters and their names the plot and any sub plots. Well this piece of prep was good but it fell apart when I started reading. Instead of reading, which should not have taken long, I started changing the text. Adding words or removing text, adding commas removing commas adding complete sentences. You might start to see my dilemma, after a period of about a week, and hour or two a day I have only reached about page twenty. [And even now it would still need more editing] I should have finished reading the whole story but with this diversion it will take ages. With all good intent it will not work as I first thought. I am a simple person, so how do I become complicated. Oh well! my story does need editing I suppose but now my coming Nanowrimo challenge might have to be re-thought. Short stories my original idea, or just abandon this years…and spend the month editing half of a story..oh decisions, decisions. What a dilemma, should I leave my characters in limbo, suspended and waiting for my pen and feeling as confused as I do. Isn’t it nice not having more serious dilemmas like bills to be paid, bailiffs knocking the door,, what a boring life that would be.

Gerry A/C ©



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WPC – Signs.

Friday 3rd October 2014.







Gerry A/C © 2014.


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Writing 101: Serially Found 2

Thursday 2nd October 2014.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Writing 101: Serially Found Part 2

On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.

Today’s twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this one as the second installment — loosely defined.

Serially Lost 2

Day Out Two.

The day started out with all the smiles,

Mother calling us to help with picnic.

Dad saying long way to go many miles.

From this I thought about travel sick.


Barley sugar in mouth, to help it is said,

Travel slowly in traffic, crawling along.

Dad is now cursing, we hit every red,

Mum breaks the boredom by humming a song.


Fields and mountains now hurrying by,

Rivers and streams glistening in the sun.

Cows grazing under the pale blue sky,

Lambs jumping and chasing, having fun.


Cities and towns not seen from the motorway,

Cars whizzing past us, dad driving with care.

Mum and dad chatting having much to say.

Feeling ill, window open, couldn’t wait to get there.


Mum saying are you okay? you look very pale,

Dad said he will find somewhere to stop and rest.

Head out of window and me holding the hand rail

Dignity is definitely lost, feeling better at best.


In the services, toilets called out loud,

Hanging my head, noises, amplified sound.

Feeling better, head slightly bowed,

On the floor a ten pound note I found. 

Gerry A/C .Oct 2014.©


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Write 101 #7 Give and Take and Enjoy.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue. You can create a strong opposition between the two speakers — a lovers’ quarrel or a fierce political debate, for example. Or you could aim to highlight the difference in tone and style between the two different speakers — your call!

Give and Take and Enjoy.

Today I have posted one that I posted before so apologies to anyone who has read it before. On this challenge I try to do a different story but today I thought this was good and hope you do. 

Day 7

Words 626

Gaa/C June 2014

“But dad, I don’t want to go, there are loads of others going, and I don’t want them to see me.” Annie was arguing once again with her dad.

“Annie, it is your last time, after that you wont see any of them again.”

“But you don’t see do you? going up on the stage is so yuk! everyone will laugh.”

“Annie you will not be the only one, all your year will doing it as well, so some of your friends will be there doing. You should be so proud of yourself, I am. I am very proud of you. And I’ll be there with your mum.” her father said quietly putting his point across.

“That is my point, all the adults watching.” Annie then sulked off into her bedroom. Her father thought it best if he left her alone for a moment. She was obviously scared about it, and he thought it was up to him to try and show her there was nothing to be scared of, but a moment to be very proud. This is her last moment to show her achievements and be very proud of them. Just to give her a few her father went and made two cups of tea and a salad sandwich.

Ten minutes had passed and he tapped her bedroom door and entered, handed her the tea and sandwich.

“Annie you know way back when I first started playing my guitar and I had the opportunity to play in front of an audience I chickened out. Like you, I was putting all sorts of excuses in the way, telling myself I was not any good, people would boo’ me off stage or just not like me. I went to the clubs and watch other people and kept saying I was as good as them but when the time came I could not do it.” Annie and her father sat quietly eating their sandwich.

“As you know Annie I did go on stage and played, and a few years later did it with bands and it proved to be the best thing I ever did.”

“What made you do it, I mean what changed your mind gave you confidence to do it?”

“One night I went along to a club to watch, my friend came along, he also played the guitar. On arrival he checked in to play, the people who run the club asked if I wanted to play. I said no, not today, however they tried to encourage me, not to worry how good I was as the club accepted and enjoyed all standards. But I still said no, but inside I really wanted to play.  So when my friend was called for his turn ha played a couple of songs and then announced that he was inviting a guest and then called for me. At first I would not go, it was then the audience started slow clapping, I borrowed a guitar and played a couple of songs with him. It was the best experience I had ever felt and wanted more. The next time I played on my own and again I enjoyed the applause. I would not want you miss this experience and enjoy the moment.”

Annie finished her tea and sandwich and looked at her dad, “okay dad, as long as you and mum are there with me, for support I mean.” she said and hugged her dad. “Of course we will be there, for support of course.”


The following week Annie walked onto the stage and collected her school certificates, she passed on 12 subjects and stood smiling while she accepted the applause. The proudest moment for all the family.

Gaa/C© June 2014.


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Write 101 – A Character!!!

Monday 22nd September 2014.

Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience.

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

The Twist: Turn your post into a character study.

#6 A Writing of Fiction

The Narrator.

The audience, of which I was part, sat in full awe and concentration of the man  and his words. He had been talking for only about ten minutes but he had grasped the attention of the audience. I looked about the room and could see it was full which totalled approximately 300 people plus security, and even they looked engrossed and hypnotised.

I came here on the advice of my nurse from my surgery, she said this man was great at uplifting people, and giving truthful advice and help. And after all my recent problems I thought ‘why not?’ so here I am.

I had done a little research in the way of checking his history and watched a few videos. I felt really comfortable with this man, the words and the way he spoke them seemed very genuine to me.  It also looks as though many other people feel the same. Today he had his audience listening with great admiration and respect. This tall and no doubt some ladies might say attractive, with nicely brushed back dark hair and well spoken standing on the stage, he would smile at times groan at others. Facial expressions were as important to him as his words. His kindness came across while talking, telling us all how to approach life, how to smile and be happy. How not to be unhappy or sad, giving scenarios and explaining what we should do if life goes astray.  During his ninety minutes on stage plus breaks he covered the subjects of death, birth, marriages and divorce and the ups and downs of life and how to deal with traumas. He smiled and made everyone believe with just his persona. Pacing the stage back and forth and emphasising parts of his speech. Reacting to his audience, answering questions even inviting one of the audience on stage with him.  His continuous smile warmed people to him, with his calming voice his audience was engrossed in his every word.  At the end of his talk he did a signing of his book, and this told me all. While smiling and giving brief smiles while handing his book over I saw another side to this. My view of him suddenly changed, I walked out of the auditorium deflated suddenly seeing my experience for what it was. Commercial and emotional blackmail with only money in mind.

Sad isn’t it when people can and do look at things with sarcasm, I will go back to tell my nurse my true thoughts.


Gerry A/C Sept 2014©


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Write 101 #5 Be Brief [The Letter 1 and 2]

Friday 19th September 2014.

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.



 This particular challenge I am cheating a little. How I hear you say? Well the answer is, I did this 101 challenge back in June and now realise that all these challenges are a repeat of the June challenges. So far I have managed to do different ones to my last efforts. The three part story I done was called ‘The Magic Violin’ and I automatically thought of my mothers violin but decided to do another story, first was posted yesterday. But this letter challenge has confirmed a repeated challenge so far. At first I was going to post my little short one but decide to write another and this is below. Even shorter but not so good. Enjoy anyway. However I have include my first one if you are interested.

Write 101 Day 5

Words 208

Letter #2

Leaving my neighbours house from six doors down, walking the path to the front gate, I pulled the gate open and as I walked through I noticed an envelope on the ground. A small white envelope, nothing unusual, just a plain envelope with a stamp and a name and address printed on the front. The letter looked a little tattered, edges frayed and a couple of corners open.

I turned it over and read delivery address, “Wow what are the odds on that?” I muttered to myself. The name and address was mine, and I noticed the postmark was two months old. Moving slowly towards home I tore it open with care, and like the address it was printed  and had the name of a company I visited for a job interview. This letter was confirming my appointment and requested me to contact them on return to confirm start date.

Gerry A/C September 2014©

Letter 1 posted back in June.

Words – 288.

It was quiet as I walked the country lane, no vehicles on the road or in the fields. Not even the chirping of a bird was heard, the only sign of life was the bumble bee on the flower, hovering to each in turn. On this summer evening I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

It was when I came to the cross road I notice something on the ground, laying on the road in clear sight. I picked it up, an off colour cream envelope, inspection showed it was a rather old envelope, the post mark printed was faint unable to read the town or city name but  I could make the year as 1917.

I read the name and address on the front, I could not believe what I was reading. Surely this is not true, what a coincidence, no it is more than a coincidence, it is fate or could it be good fortune. I opened it and read the words, one page handwriting on both sides. If I understood this letter it was not good news. I had to get it home and let my mother read it, it is what should be done the right thing to do.


Mother sat down after reading the letter twice, she opened the page again and read it for a third time. She became very emotional, tears rolled down her cheek, “This letter is from my dad telling my mum what to do if he does not come home. But he was expressing his undying love and thought for her. This was the last we ever heard from him. He was lost in combat.”

Gaa/C© June 2014


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Write 101 #4 Serially Lost

Thursday 18th September 2014.

Writing 101: Serially Lost Pt 1.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Today’s Twist. Make today’s post the first of three part series.

Day Out One.

Words 665.

Day Out!

The day started well, our journey to Longleat Park went well, hardly any traffic and my father did not curse too much. We had a long walk to the entrance from our parking, I was thinking how lucky we were it was not raining or wet. Parking on this grass would be difficult to get off as our car was only a small Austin. And we would get wet feet walking, but it was warm and sunny as it had been for a week or more.

Queuing at the entrance gate my dad was getting irritated with my brother because my brother was whining a lot because he wanted to go to the toilet. “You should have before we left” mother would say. “I did” said brother dancing about and crossing his legs. My sister and I could not help but laugh because watching him was rather funny. The first thing we did when inside was to find the toilet, we all used, just in case. My brother who was sixteen did not really want to come, saying he was old enough to do what he wanted and could look after himself. Me on the other hand, a year younger looked forward to this day out ever since mother told us about it, as did my sister who is five years younger.

We toured the park, visiting the aviaries, the compounds of various other animals and watched a birds of prey display. We went on the pleasure boat across a lake and fed the seals that were racing in the boats wake, and leaping from the water at random. Dad booked us on a tour bus that went through the lion and big cat enclosures and then the monkey followed by the wildlife which consisted of giraffes, elephants, antelopes, pelicans and deer of various sizes. This tour took us several hours to complete, and the scariest part was having monkey’s climbing all over the bus and peering through the windows. Many screams from the children were also mixed with laughter. The driver was speaking through an intercom describing the event as we passed through them. I sat with mother who was giving me a more in depth commentary as the driver talked about the animals we passed them.

After all the tours and walking we found a nice lawn in front of the mansion near the river, and looking across to the lush green area of grassland and woods, mother said, “here seems a nice place to have our picnic.” As mother opened up the bags of food and drink we kids played a game of spot the car, dads car was parked somewhere on the grassland but we could not find it. Before we sat to eat dad got us to pose for a photograph, and then mother took one with dad in it. Middle afternoon, hot sunshine and eating, older brother still giving the odd moan, while young sister wanted to go to the nearby children’s play area. I told mother I would walk over with her and keep watch. “Half an hour, and we move on okay?” dad said.

“Come on time to move on,”  my mother shouted. We all then headed for the mansion to go on a house tour. Us kids found it a little boring but there were a few highlights for us. The time passed quickly and we heard voices of people telling everyone we are closing shortly and to make our way out and head for the exit.

It was just after 8pm when dad started his car and moved off to head for home, “I hope the roads are good, don’t want to be sitting in this car for too long.”   Part 2 to follow soon.


Gerry A/C Sept 2014©


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Write 101 #2 Just my View.

Wednesday 17th September 2014.

Writing 101,  #2 – A Room with a View. {or Just a View}

Today, choose a place you would like to be transported if you could- and tell us the back story. How does this specific location affect you? Is it somewhere you have been, luring you with the power of nostalgia, or a place you are aching to explore for the first time.

Today’s Twist – organise your post around the description of a setting.

Words – 787.


I finished checking in and settling into my room, I was now excited about the meeting in a couple of hours. This had been arranged a long while back, now the day was here and I could not wait to meet up with her again. It has been a long time since we last met, at least a year.

It was time to go to the reception and book my lift, the coach was due shortly, it meant getting there early but I was not going to worry about that. After all it was a place I could find plenty of things to do, passing time would be easy. Exactly 10am the coach pulled out of the motel grounds and were on our way. Air condition blowing through the bus, much-needed in this hot and humid day, with at least and hour and half  of sitting on this coach it was welcomed. The driver introduced himself and said he would put a video on for us to watch. He was true to his word after describing the events for the day, all times of departure, and places to meet. Then the Bee Movie, newly released animation Disney film started to play on the overhead televisions.

Due to unhelpful traffic our journey took near two hours, but it did give us time to see the whole movie. Before we, the passengers that is, left the coach, the driver gave us instructions about meeting the coach here at 6pm, and we all departed our ways.

At the entrance gate I slid my ticket into the slot, and a little green LED light appeared on a panel, united with a beep. The turnstile open allowed me to enter. I was here, her work place, she was somewhere nearby. My excitement was brewing, I was also feeling nervous. As I walked along the path, lined with bushes and shrubs I came to a large sign overhead, ‘Welcome to Homosassa Springs’ and with a sub-title ‘Wildlife State Park’. I was finding it hard to take it all in, travelling so far on my own, even though being a grown man, I had done this trip many times before but with my family.  I continued along the path, into a wooded area, from this path a large pond come river could be seen. The further I walked the larger this expanse of water became. Manatees could be seen swimming in slow motion. Rounding a corner came upon a picnic area with a two small huts on the side of the path, one and ice cream seller and the other for staff only. Leading from this was pontoon leading out into the water. A couple of staff could be seen at the end of the pontoon feeding the manatees. There were sign offering the public for a small charge to feed the manatees. All monies were donated to a charity helping save injured manatees. Looking at the crystal clear waters with a manatees gliding through the water without a care in the world. A beautiful place to live, to work, it was obvious why she loved her work here. I looked at my watch, 2.39pm roughly and hour and twenty minutes to pass, so I continued my tour around this park. It was busy up around the Panther and big cats area, and further on was the birds of prey enclosure with a golden eagle as the star.

After an hour I was back at the manatee centre, and my watch told me only thirty minutes to go. I bought an ice cream from the vendor and sat on a nearby wooden bench. While quietly eating and people watching, I was thinking how everyone is happy, having a smile on their faces. But I wonder if they are as happy as me, any other day I would be happy enjoying this park, but the park was secondary to my happiness. Staff was still on the end of the pontoon talking to the manatees floating by. Swimming away and then turning and swimming back to the staff. Completely engulfed in my thoughts, drifting away on the water with the manatees,  seeing sun rays through the trees and bouncing off the water. Birds chirping could be heard somewhere in the woods talking to each other.


I jumped and turned round to see her standing there, a year apart and she was glowing, looked bright and happy. I stood and we looked at each other and hugged like it was our last, “Hello dad, you look well. Oh, I have missed you so much.”

All I could say in return, “Me too love, me to.” still hugging and tears of joy appearing.

Gerry A/C Sept 2014



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Happiness is – ?????

Monday 8th September 2014.   My oh my isn’t this year flying by….  I am a softy….

The Rules: I hate Rules, always have. Maybe that is why I got into trouble a few times.  Bah! who cares?

1. Nominate 15 blogs which inspire you and will, without a doubt, inspire others.

1a -Because I feel there are too many inspiring blogs out there. I do not wish to nominate any particular blog, so I will actually pass this award on to all who visit my post. I will therefor nominate all who wish to receive after visiting this here post of mine.

2. Display the award logo on your blog.

2a – This I have done, both here and in my Awards page. Giving the nominee and date of award.

3. Notify your nominees

3a – All of you, every single visitor. This award is for you, go on accept it and pass it on to your wonderful followers as well.

4. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post.

4a – Carol Sessums at adjustingyourfocus  A wonderful young lady  I am very proud to say  has been a great friend for a good few years now and hopefully many more. If you read her blog, I recommend that you do, you will see what a great loving human being she is. 

Just a few of my faves (in no particular order) that I nominate are:

 1. You.

2. You.

3. You.

4. You and You and You and many more You’s ———-So Enjoy!

Thank you Carol much appreciated. 

RestawyleGerry A [Sept 2014]


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The Bisterne Dragon.

Wednesday 3rd September 2014


The Bisterne Dragon. [755 words]

Thanks to Folk Tales/Michael O’Leary.

Wild boars rushing out at you from the woods, with the sun behind them, or was it a dragon? It has been told that it was dragons. They were to be found in Saxon shore in West Sussex, south coast of England, where they were called ‘knuckers’ and they lived in bottomless ponds.

The Bisterne dragon, however, being a more honest sort of dragon, preferred the airy heights of Burley Beacon. Burley in case one is not sure is situated south westerly edge of the Forest.


From there, it was possible to swoop down onto the farms and water meadows of the Avon Valley, which runs downs the western edge of the Forest.

A bully often likes to focus on a particular victim, and the Bisterne dragon focused on Lower Bisterne Farm. At first the residents were able to appease the dragon by leaving buckets of milk each day – but paying protection money, so to speak, never works out in the long run, the dragon became greedier and wanted more. It had already tasted blood and did not see any reason to hunt when there were cattle in the fields making them easy prey. Soon the dragon had caused so much uproar from Crow to Winkton, and Lower Bisterne Farm was nearly broken. So it was the landowners and farmers decided to hire the lone hero to battle the beast, and so they hired the one and only —-dah dah dee dee dahhhhh!! yes you guessed it,, walking into the vision of the gathering applauding crowd, all cheering and chanting his name ‘Sir Maurice de Berkeley’ what a mouthful that must have been.

Sir Maurice covered his armour in bird lime – bird lime is a very sticky substance which is made from holly bark – and this is very relevant to the New Forest. In the Forest there is an abundance of holly and ‘ of all the trees that are in the wood the holly bears the crown’. It is at midsummer that the holly king overpowers the oak king, and at midwinter the oak king overpowers the holly king: moreover, the holly is associated with the element of fire, – most suitable when doing battle with a dragon. And yet Sir Maurice was a lone hero – a dragon fighter- and he had come all the way from Gloucestershire, so it was believed his bird lime was made from the bark of the wayfaring tree.


Sir Maurice sprinkled the bird lime with broken glass, and, with his two mighty dogs running before him, he set forth to do battle with the dragon. These two dogs were capable of bringing down the mightiest of beasts, but the dragon contemptuously tore them apart and spat out the sundered canine corpses as being quite unfit for dragon consumption.

Then Sir Maurice was alone, facing the terrible Bisterne dragon, and, whilst the landowners, farmers and peasants of the Forest skulked in their homes and barns, the terrible battle commenced. Typical of Foresters today, hiding away and shouting the odds. Anyway, all day the battle continued – the foul, evil smelling beast wrapping its coils around the knight, and screeching with pain as the broken glass tore at its scales. Finally, Sir Maurice was able to sever the head of the beast, and, as the green blood burnt into the soil, he staggered from the field of battle, a broken man. He died soon after; the injuries had damaged his body so badly, seemed unable to heal. But it was the trauma of the battle – for this had eaten deep into his soul, and the mark of the dragon could never be washed away.

This battle took place in Dragon Field at Lower Bisterne Farm, [now private land]. On the wall of Bisterne Manor House, [private house] lots of private stuff going on here,, there is a stone carving of a dragon between fiery beacons; there is also a coat of arms with a dragon crest, and in the centre is the Berkeley Arms. Looking protectively out over the entrances of the house are two stone dogs, great mastiff – type dogs killed by the Bisterne dragon. Dragons are a great part of English folklore, so what is it to be, was there really a dragon, or was it a wild boar, or was it just a tale. Either way, it is a good read, just open your mind and let your imagination flow…

[G][A][C] 2013


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