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Whilst the Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping.[Folk Song]

Sunday 13th July 2014


Gamekeepers good one

Gamekeeper words good one


Gerry a/C 2014

Header Brocks 120


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WPC – Extra, Extra.

Friday 13th June 2014

Extra, Extra. 

A beautiful photo is one thing, but a photo with an unexpected detail has personality and pop. This week, share a photo that has a little something extra.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2 Pop over and  Read  my 101 June challenges on my other blog.cooltext1179072164

Just click the link and enjoy, Thank you.


Gorilla Enclosure AK April 17 2010 9

My buddy saying hello.

Gorilla Enclosure AK April 17 2010 10

My buddy posing, just look at his eyes. They tell you a story.


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Outwitted. {Sandra’s Challenge}

Monday 19th May 2014.

Sandra’s Challenge.

 Tell me a Story.

Pop over to her site by clicking the link and join in the fun, the writing challenge


Words 609.

“You better hand it over or I’ll shoot you. In your arms first then your legs maybe knee caps then feet. So where is it?” Alfred just looked at him, showing no fright or shock. He knew this man, holding the gun in his right hand would use it as he says, but he also felt confident that he could outwit him and eventually over power this evil person.

“I haven’t got it but I know where to get it.” Alfred said calmly.

“Well, where is it?” the man said gruffly.

“Oh yeh, like I am going to tell you. Soon as I do so you’ll shoot me anyway, so I’ll take you there. Or if you rather just shoot me in which you’ll never get it.” Alfred said with some authority.

“Okay, but if you are playing me, then I will. Lets go then.”

We walked into the cafe, which was an annexe to the lighthouse, and here there was an entry gate to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was no longer used as a working lighthouse. A small fee was asked to go inside and traverse the steps to the top, there is a great view to see, on a clear sunny day one could see for miles. There is a small high walled harbour, and a lock gate that allowed members and yachts to moor. The water was still, brown muddy colour, with a few seagulls floating on the surface. Alfred nodded a hello to the woman behind the counter, “nice day for sailing.” he said.

Alfred got the gunman to pay the fee to pass through, they proceeded through the hall and came to the porch that took them through to the steps leading up. We climbed to the top, and was confronted with an open room with a polished and varnished wooden planked  floor, the large hexagonal room had glass panels all the way round. The patron was given a full circle vision of the harbour the hillside and village.

“Okay, where is it, I am now getting a little bored with this treasure hunt.” The gunman said with a threatening attitude. I noticed four other people here enjoying the scenery, one old lady was sitting on a wooden bench set in the middle of the room.

“You’ll have to distract these people,while I find it and retrieve it.” Alfred said quietly.

“Okay but no funny stuff.”

“You are the one with the gun.” Alfred said angrily.

Alfred went to the edge of the room, tapping floorboards as he went, until one made a different sound. Bending down he fiddled with a small piece and lifted it from the floor. He then leaned over put his arm in and pulled out a wrapped package.

The gunman saw this and went to him and grabbed the package, felt it and walked off quickly. “Don’t try to follow me.” Alfred just smiled as he watched the gunman go. Alfred then looked out of the window, looking down to the car park, he smiled and whispered to himself ‘got ya’

Back in the cafe the police had arrived as planned and arrested the gunman.

“I’ll take that, oh by the way I hope you enjoy your new home.” Alfred grabbed the package and unwrapped it to reveal a very valuable antique, an ornately and brightly painted wooden Indian. He handed it to the woman behind the counter and said, “Give this back to the rightful owner Julie, and tell him thanks.” As Alfred went to walk away Julie shouted after him, “Alfred, here don’t forget your fresh vegetables and fruit.” she handed him a large bag. Alfred just smiled as he walked away, nodding to the four policemen as he went.

Gaa/C© Monday 19th May 2014


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Share Your World-2014 Week 19

Monday 12th May 2014.

Share Your World – 2014 Week 19

Do you prefer shopping or going to a park?

Answer - Although shopping is an essential part of life, walking the park is better than strolling the aisles. So I suggest going to the shops buy some goodies and go to the park and have a picnic.

What is the highest score you’ve ever made in bowling?  Actual or virtually played.

Answer - I cannot actually remember the score but I do think it was around 210. Not bad for some one who hardly ever plays.  I do remember I was the winner on the night though.  Oh yeh oh yeh.

Name the foreign countries you’ve been to.

Answer – United States of America, Spain, France, Wales, Scotland. [Oh an Jersey..... smiling]

Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less.

Answer -  Hopeful, healthy, exercise, friendly, polite, genuine and original..

‘I am hopeful that my body stays healthy, and will start a new exercise plan to do so. I will continue to be friendly and polite and be genuine and original.’

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Answer - I had a big talking to this past week and was very grateful for it, even though it hurt and cut deep. I now realise how bad things were getting, and so because of this the coming week has to be the start of a new me, a new regime, both for me and my exercising and healthy living.


cropped-porch1.jpg check out the Porch stories.




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To All My Blog Friends-Including You!

Wednesday 30th April 2014

 Just for you. Yes Including You.


Campnano Winner Cert 2014 11

Just wanting to brag again about my Campnano challenge which I managed to complete. I must admit I surprised myself with this project, by signing up  to it but never expecting to fulfill it. No more to be said.


Casting ones mind into the world of fantasy.
Drifting on the wind, floating high.
Clouds engulf and wipe the dirt from your skin.
Droplets of rain then wash and cleanse the soul.
You slowly fall to the earth, and find yourself once again whole. ..

In the past few months I have had my eyes opened, opened to people’s dilemma’s and ailments and health issues. I posted a couple of posts about my hospital stay and what I went through, and received an overwhelming response of kindness. I am still astounded at people’s kindness, and how they continue to be upbeat and happy.   However since my release from hospital and now trying to recover I have since read many other people’s blogs and posts about their issues, and am always surprised at the way the people manage to carry on with life. Some of their issues are very serious health problems some not quite so, but they are very meaningful and serious to them. I must admit to being ashamed by not commenting on their posts, mostly because I felt at a loss for words, because words never seem to be enough or right and me, well, I am never sure as to what to say. It is to everyone, past present and future I dedicate this little light-hearted poem. Also a beautiful song for you all.

My Theory.


The first line is the hardest to write,

So I’ve decided not to bother,

By leaving it out all together,

I can continue with the second.


Now I’ve come to verse number two,

I have no trouble at all to write,

The third line was easy to do,

And the fourth came just right.


Words for the third was hard to find,

Some came easy, while some were hard

But thinking for them, “ I don’t mind,”

It’s like finding that winning card.


Fourth is a verse that never goes right,

It’s the most difficult of all,

Sometimes I’ll sit up all the night,

All I hit is a bloody brick wall.


The fifth I find is a load of trash,

Because it’s the last, I let it go,

But at least I did give it a bash,

Why I wrote this , I don’t know.


Written 19/01/1973.

Gaa/C May 2014©




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WP/V Challenge.Street Life.

Saturday 29th March 2014

My little twist as I seem to like doing.

Weekly Photo/Video Challenge: Street Life.


Battle Nr Hastings Sussex.


Arundel High Street [Just down from the Castle]


↓Cheddar High Street.↑


porch3 Click me for stories that will make go ‘Ooh never thought that!’

brocks-header011.jpg Pop over to hear the sounds of your life.


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Happy Bunny-Funny.

Wednesday 5th March 2014.

This is my fourth and final poem that I wrote while in Southampton General Hospital. I hope you will enjoy it. I wrote them from my true feelings at the time. Enjoy!

Happy Bunny-Funny


Cannot be a happy bunny,

Cannot always be that funny

Smiling becomes harder each day

Laughing, oh man no way.

The audience faces are blank.

Cheeks and chins just sank,

Smiling no, you must refrain.

Humour forbidden never again,

No jokes not a word spoken,

Lying still waiting to be woken.

Every now and then a smile breaks through.

‘Get out! get out you’ someone shouts.

This way of life we can now mourn.

Laughter and joy once again born.

We can now be a happy bunny

We can now always be funny.

Gaa/C  Dec 2013.

Whilst in hospital, ward D2 Coronary Care unit.

December 28th 2013.

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Knife and Scissors Man

Tuesday 25th March 2014.

“Knife and Scissors need sharpening ma’am. Just a penny fur each item.” He would shout with a broad yokel accent.

Just recently I have been researching folk songs and music. This particular style of music has always been a favourite of mine, and while doing so I came across this one. I could not find a recorded song so I have decided to make a normal post out of it rather than a music one that I intended to do. This song and title reminded me of old services that my mother use to use. Many of you might have even experienced or come across the same.

Knife and Scissors

Above is the song, and it brings to mind the days when I was a very young boy, a man, rather scruffy man with his bicycle toured the roads and streets touting for work. He was offering the sharpening of knives and scissors and all sorts of gardening tools, shears, pluming cutters, hoes, virtually anything that was offered to him..

Wonderful Memories!

His bicycle was fitted with two circular grinding stones. One large one and one small one, of different grades. Apparently a coarse stone and a fine stone.

Knife and scissors notes

He would  set his bicycle on a stand and make a few adjustments and somehow got his pedal and chain to connect with a few different cogs that would then enable him to turn the grind stones. Some of theses  pedlars  would be towing a small cart  which would carry other tools and a seat and cogs and connections. He would spend a few minutes setting up his bicycle so he could sit and peddle away turning the stones and sharpening the offerings given him. He was quite popular in our road, many of the neighbours would come out and get a selection of knives or scissors sharpened, including my mother.


This man was just one of a few that use to travel our streets in those days. We use to have a pretend Frenchman selling onions, Another was man selling fresh vegetables  and other groceries from his van. My mother used him regularly. Every Friday he turned up about 5pm and he became a friend, his name was Mr Bishop. Also a coal delivery service every week, once and sometimes twice, depending on demand.

We also use to get a lot of other door to door selling, flower sellers, wooden peg sellers, and at Christmas others would appear trying to sell wreaths and log decorations. There are probably others that I cannot remember, but I bet you can think of a few different one.

Today trends have changed so much, health and safety etc, and this no longer happens, or at least to acceptability standards.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Saturday 4th May 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above   click me for more info

Hi everyone just taking a break from my Restawyle222 hope you like..

Disney 08 021

Disney 08 022

Disney 08 023

Disney 08 037

Disney 08 035

Disney 08 036

CyKlopps req

Rose Widge2t


thank you09

Thank you12


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Carisbrooke Castle. My Story.

Friday 26th April 2013


Carisbrooke Castle. My Story.

by cobbies69 (Gerry)

Carisbrooke castle is one of the most impressive historic sites on the Isle of Wight, and was the chief medieval stronghold on the Isle of Wight, so much so that tradition asserts that whoever owned the castle also controlled the Isle of Wight.There has been a fortification of some sort at this site since Saxon times, and some of the late Saxon stone structure still survives within the earthwork and banks of the castle. It has also been speculated that there was a Roman structure on the site, but there is no archaeological evidence for this.


Gatehouse: by Simon Topham

The present castle was founded soon after the Norman invasion, and was a simple mott and bailey, which was greatly improved and built upon in the medieval period. The castle remains are impressive with much of the original structure still surviving, including the keep, medieval buildings, and two wells – one with a treadmill utilising donkey power to draw water.

The French once laid siege at the castle during the medieval period. During this siege, legend tells of a bowman called Peter Heynoe, who killed the French commander with a shot from the castle walls, causing the French to withdraw.

carisbrooke-castle-great-hallGreat Hall & Ruins of Carey’s Mansion: by Simon Topham

One of the castles most famous visitors was Charles I, who was imprisoned here for ten months before his execution at the culmination of the Civil War. Charles attempted to escape from the castle a number of times, although each attempt was thwarted.

The castle is reputed to have a number of ghosts, befitting its long history. The deep well was the scene of the tragic drowning of Elizabeth Ruffin, her disembodied face is reputed to have been seen in the well water. The castle also has a Grey Lady, a phantom wearing a long cloak accompanied by four dogs, the ghosts of a man in a brown jerkin and trousers – seen near the moat, and other presences that have been felt by castle visitors.

carisbrooke-castle-great-hall-museumGreat Hall & Museum: by Simon Topham

The castle is a fantastic site with many attractions, and it is well worth spending a few hours exploring.

More information on the hauntings of Carisbrooke can be found in Gay Baldwin’s The Isle of Wight Ghost Book IV, also consider her website:

My Story…

Dennis and Dave my partners in crime decide to go to the Isle of Wight, we caught the local ferry from Lymington and arrived at Yarmouth an hour later. As none of us drove, I don’t think I was old enough, which meant Dennis also as he was younger.  We therefor had to rely on local transport, so we caught a bus that was going to Carisbrooke. Carisbrooke is a nice stand alone little village, even without the castle standing guard, it was a nice picturesque village with beautiful buildings.

We decided to check out the castle, but it was closed, cannot remember as to why.  So we walked around the moat,, which had no water. just sleek slopes going downwards and rising to meet the walls of castle. We reached the far side and climbed the grass bank and reached the wall. Along the top was enough edge for us to walk along and follow the walls. Walking and looking and managing in places to see through parts of the eroded wall.  We were being very careful about not being seen, when suddenly Dave, who was leading, shouted “quick some one is coming” and without a second thought Dennis went running down the moat grass wall. Where it was so steep he stopped running and started rolling, and when reaching the bottom he actually bounced a few feet and came to rest. When me and Dave reached him, and asking the silly questions like  “Are you okay?” or “what the matter?”  He was  writhing about on the ground in great pain and shouting “my ankle it bloody hurts, it hurts like hell” I gently pulled his trouser leg up and exposed a blood strewn leg and ankle. Where he should have only one ankle joint he actually had two, and protruding slightly through a broken skin. “We got to get him some help” I said to Dave.. and after a short discussion Dave opted to go and find some while stayed with Dennis. After about half an hour Dave came back with a man, who turned out to be the castle caretaker, key keeper. He lived on the grounds in a small tide cottage. Me and Dave helped Dennis up,  and the man led us through a small gate and into the grounds, and onto a rampart, slowly walking, in Dennis’s case hobbling.  And then onto a wooden walkway, it was while we were slowly making our way across this walkway I noticed in the window across the yard in a room on a turret part of the castle,Turret_(architecture)_1 a person watching us as we slowly made our way across. I pointed the figure out to my friends and they supported me on this. So it was not my imagination. This actually moved back and forth before disappearing from our view.  The figure could be described as the one in this report,, As we eventually reached ground level and hobbled across the courtyard, “Well we are seeing the castle now, and it hasn’t cost us anything” Dennis said smiling, in pain. Again, I noticed another figure in a ground level window, but this time it was not witnessed by my friends. At the time I thought nothing of it. We sat on a low wall while the keeper phone for the ambulance, and when the blue lights and siren of the ambulance could be heard, Dennis was so happy knowing this was for him. He was taken to Newport Hospital, but me and Dave had to find our back to the ferry terminal at Yarmouth. Before we left we thanked the keeper, I asked him about the people I saw in the windows. The castle is closed and there is no one here in this castle apart from us.

Dennis was returned home in two days fully plastered up and told to be very careful because of the break he might have a leg slightly shorter than the other if it does not heal properly. It was not until a few years later that I found out how haunted this castle  was or is.,,allegedly.

I do hope you enjoyed this little story, it has been cut short purely for the post length,, and the boredom factor, but My Story is the truth and actually happened. Dennis was about 15 and my self would have been 16 and Dave 17. Dave had his own little guitar band, he was almost like a local John Mayall. Anybody that played a guitar would have played in his band for a short while at least. As did I.

Enjoy0     Publication198

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