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Originally posted on Brocks Music Shed:

Saturday 22nd March 2014.

A new batch of tunes for you to enjoy, all with the same subject line.  One of these tunes is me and my own composition. Taking a big chance on posting it. Tell me what you think, you will know which one when you hear it.  Enjoy.


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Another Brock Story. Reflections of the Past.

Saturday 22nd March 2014



Morant Hall,Brockenhurst, or as we knew it New Forest Hall.

Brockenhurst once hosted one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the country.  The photographs I have included were taken by Geoff Parker and were taken from a Brockenhurst Tennis week in the 1920′s.

The tennis courts were behind, what was the Morant Hall on the Lyndhurst road and was used in the run up to Wimbledon (the hall was also called the New Forest Hall). 

The photographs were inherited from his late mother, Florence Parker, wife of Albert Parker who ran the family business of butchers by the name of “A.J. Gossling” near the railway crossing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My mother used to tell me stories of the days it held dances, and tea dances, mostly pre-war, the old days when dances had glitter balls turning and lights reflecting beams through out the hall. She apparently met my dad there.

I myself used to go there with a friend of mine, he use to play the piano that was inside on the stage to the large dance floor, and glitter ball. My friends mother worked in a bar/hotel, the owner of which also owned The Hall and he let my friend go in to practice the piano on their grand piano. It was the start of my interest in music and started playing the guitar a year or so later. The year approx 1967, and the hall was still being used for banquets and high society dances and meetings. The Hall was later sold and knocked down for housing.

thank you09


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The Race?? [Porch Story #3]

Originally posted on Sitting on the Porch:

Friday 14th March 2014.


Words 889

The sun was rising in the distance, starting a new fresh and bright day, casting long fingering shadows across the heath and grass land. The vision it was casting was misleading, it pulled at ones eyes to look harder to see the real image. The impression was very different to the reality, but beautiful either way one would see it.

Suddenly a sound made me look about, lots of sounds made me look up to see where it was coming from. Cyclists, many of them pedalling past my porch, stirring the dust from the track. Speeding past me and my porch, racing each other, the trail of cyclists went on for several minutes until the last cyclist went by. Surprised by this event I stood looking up the dusty track watching after them until the last one disappeared from view.

Now back to…

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Elven Story Writing Comp..

Wednesday 19th March 2014.

12 Days Left!! 4 Entries In… “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Writing Contest


Tell Us Your Elven Story

best-character readers-choice

Dark Jade over at Legendary Post  is holding a writing contest. It only a short story of approx 1000 words and has to be Elven related. I know there are many of you that enjoy writing. So come on guys send your entry in via the links supplied.

You must have that idea in your head, about little elves running about the woods and killing goblins and dwarfs. All their magic coming to save their world and put the life back into the earth.

‘Go on you know you wanna.’


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Changes…To Write? Too late..

Friday 14th March 2014

Another exclusive unearthed from the Daily Gerald reporter…Gaa/C 2014©


Changes/To write?….  The following report is purely a report.

Changes,, new developments and new mentality, Change it from yesterday to today, and tomorrow. What exactly constitutes to change. Changing ones underwear, changing ones clothes. Changing ones hairstyle or colour. The act of changing ones mind, yes I suppose these can all be accounted for as change.

Change – replace with another.  As I have just had done to me.

Change – attitudes, these are and can be considered drastic, and hurting, or just bad,  depending on what it is that has changed. Or how the person or persons changed.  eg: when something is considered good and normal between, say, two people. Whether it be siblings, parents or even lovers. This happens when one of them decides to change their thoughts and attitude towards and an on going situation. Especially when the other is thinking that it need not have changed as such.

I have just become one of the many, especially Facebooker’s to use a quote of the day or just quotes. What the hell is all this about? Proving that one can research and find all these quotes on Google or any other search option. Purely their choice I know, but it seems to be so rife  that it becomes boring. [Like me I suppose]. Easy it is to put a quote on a post or timeline, easier than writing our own words of wisdom, is it? oh! and it makes us all look good.  How many of us actually believe or follow the actions of these words that some person has thought up and written for us to make ourselves look good. Sad when people result to this. But I have ‘Changed’ and also become sad, because, hey I am using a couple myself. I say words of wisdom, well are they?  Do I actually heed or take in the words on these quotes, do you, it makes me wonder. 


Lets take the first line – ‘no one falls in love by choice,  it is by chance’ [maybe so, but we do have a choice. Do we not have control of our own emotions and mind.]

Second line – no one stays in love by choice, it is by work. [to me this is pathetic, love is natural and needs no work. relationships yes maybe]

Third line – no one falls out of love by chance. it is by choice. [ I will be nasty and say what a load of crap. I have never experienced falling out of love by choice.] It is usually forced on one by the opposite party.


How ever you might well disagree, but that is your choice and is respected. But what I have encountered partly for my myself but seen from the outside looking in, is the absolute rubbish people say just to verify their reasoning. You have changed, is a common one. Even exaggerate the situation. I can be and probably have been guilty of this as well, it just seems to be human nature. Words like this demean the real emotion of love, the power, the drug to be addicted to. So many ways to love, fall in love, experience love, in fact there are far too many to mention, THERE ARE NO RULES TO LOVE! are there?  Yet someone writes a few lines and hey: we are all using them. [including me]

Change, can be made voluntarily, as much as unknown to us, changes gradually happen while we live, not knowing it is happening. We are told this is life.  But is it and are we so readily to accept this, or should we question. I think it is often used as an excuse, not a reason. Health is a good reason for change, forced upon us, and we have to adapt and change to compensate the illness and its symptoms. That is another post, which will be written and edited shortly by Daily Gerald newspaper.

 Gaa/C 2014©

Daily Gerald981

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Hindsight, if Only!

Tuesday 18th March 2014.


During an interview with Gerry he revealed some secret thoughts. Thoughts and feelings that he kept to himself, even from family and doctor. Below is some of the thoughts he revealed to us.

As most of you know I have been in hospital recently, and no I am not going to bore with more from my experience whilst in hospital. But I am going to say I was diagnosed as Diabetic just about 2 years ago, my doesn’t time fly. All my knowledge of the disease was mostly learnt whilst in hospital, the nurses and the diabetic technician was happy to talk to me. I was being tested daily, at least twice, but usually more. My diabetes is Type 2 and is controlled by diet and pills. My latest doctors visit and tests I wastold ‘my diabetes is well controlled and within the limits expected. Oh and my retinal scans have returned clear.

However for a long period, from being told about being diabetic, I was taking antacid tablets regularly, almost daily. I was getting heart burn rather too much, but sucking a tablet cleared it for a while. Naivety I suppose created a problem that came to a head in December 2013. If only I realised what was happening, my stay in hospital I learnt so much. Just for example constant heartburn could be a sign of heart problems. In my case it was. 

Being asthmatic all my life, I have learnt to deal with things and become part of my normal. Not sleeping, well only a few hours nightly..But the past two years I was dozing a lot during the day as well as having my few hours nightly. If I was braver, less naive and talked to the right people, who knows what may have resulted. Maybe I was actually scared to hear the truth. I later became aware of the symptoms and their possible disease or illness. 

I learnt so much while in hospital, like heart burn regularly ie: daily, was a big sign for possible heart problems. I learnt that aches in my arms is also a sign for later heart problems. A man of 60 years with asthma and recently diabetic becomes a high risk. My doctor told me I now became a high risk patient, I would have to be regularly monitored. On a loser it seems to me. So all in all I was rather stupid not to tell my doctor about these happenings as and when they happened. I buried my head in the proverbial sand, frightened of what I might learn. I nearly paid for it with my life. I have to thank my doctor for her insight to take a blood test and ask for certain tests.


Lets Re-cap.

1. Constant heart burn, occurring daily or every couple of days. Remedy- seek doctors advice.  

2.Pains or aches in one’s arm or arms, seemingly losing strength. Remedy – seek doctors advice.

3. Tiredness, having no energy, and dozing or sleeping during the day. Remedy – seek doctors advice.

4. Keeping check on one’s health especially if one suffers from Asthma, Diabetes, or any other ailments.                                                            

Remedy- have regular check ups with your doctor.


To sum up, if I was a little more aware and possibly not so naive, maybe just maybe things could have been averted, and my life would be so different. I am hoping this post will at the very least help some one somewhere..IN HINDSIGHT.



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Harp Guitars.

Originally posted on Brocks Music Shed:

Sunday 9th March 2014.

Something Different for you. 

[I was going to post a tune by me, but did not want to upset my followers.  hehee!]

Today I found these in my drafts, and have been there for a long while and here is something very different from the normal run of the mill music. I know we all have little time to spare on blogs but these video’s are well worth the time.

I am sure if you listen to the music here and judge them for what they are you will be knocked off your feet. Whats more there are many more to listen to with their links at the end of each video. So please enjoy, I am sure you will.

This second one is pretty special, the video is brilliant.

Slightly longer video below but well worth the time to listen.


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Watch out for my local…

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“Tell Us Your Elven Story” – Legendary Post’s Writing Contest – 6 Judges In Place

Originally posted on Legendary Post:

Elf-Woman-fantasy-30962837-1280-800 2“Tell Us Your Elven Story” – Legendary Post’s Writing Contest – 6 Judges In Place

Good News!

All of the people that I asked to be Judges, have agreed

Because, well, they’re great, Lol

Our Judges

Lorna @ Lorna’s Voice

She’s just Great… Come on

Terrii @ Brautigan’s Girl

Great Writer… Great Person

Quill @ Quill Wielder

Great Writer… Founding Member of “The Dark Globe”, our Original Blog Name

Cobbie @ Restawyle

Great Contributor… Great Guy

Kirsty @ La Plume Noire

Great Photographer… Great Person

DarkJade @ Here & The Written Word

Yeah… Me… Lol

That Is All


Remember To Check Out Our Original “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Contest Post

Here “Tell Us Your Elven Story” – Legendary Post’s Writing Contest

For More Details

And Remember


Lets Get The Word Out!!


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Story-Tellers. {Porch Tales #2.}

Originally posted on Sitting on the Porch:

Friday 7th March 2014.


1031 words.

I had just finished playing my guitar, placing it onto its stand, I turned round to see two middle aged men standing at the porch steps. Strange because I did not see them arrive and they were dressed in rather strange clothing and wearing old style flat hats, with loose fitting trousers and long black coats.

“Excuse us sir, but could you please direct us to the nearest place we can get a drink and a bite to eat?”

“I am afraid it is a long way, about four miles down the main road.” I said pointing down the road.

“It is only while we are waiting for our vehicle to be repaired.”

I watched the two men and felt comfortable in their company, “I can give you a drink and sandwich if you wish.” I offered, and made a welcoming gesture with my…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Saturday 8th March 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

I do not know what is happening to me, why you may ask? Well it is not often of late that I participate in photo challenges. My reasoning for this is because I have been more involved in writing projects. However I am doing a weekly short story project on my other site  Sitting on the Porch.      []     

Pop over and have a read of strange stories written by me. Enjoy.

In the meantime enjoy my interpretation of PERSPECTIVE.

Elly being Cool April 13 2010

↑My daughter a few years ago, posing in the Florida sunshine↓

Elly being Cool April 13 2010

↓Another vision completely different subjects.

Picture1 028

Picture1 029


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