Hello world! Cynical Me

2010 had been a bad one, from Jan when I was given my marching from a rather arrogant and self centred bunch of staff at my old firm. I had been with them for five and half years and then suddenly I was a bad employee. All because I did not fit into their future plans. I did not work for DHL like most of the other employees in the offices did. Months later I found out that I was set up, although I could not prove a thing, but I know the management, not fitting into their future plans, and because of this and other things I fully believe that these ass holes would stoop this low.

Next episode was my daughters birthday third week of January.. This went ok still had some money to deal with it.. she would always comes first any way.. wouldn’t any child.

How ever moving on, after getting over this shock and feel of being let down, I was now to look forward to April 7, 2010, me and family has a family holiday to Florida booked. We were going to meet brother in law and family over there, they were going a few days earlier, Easter Day. We had booked two weeks in the same Motel on International Drive, Econo Lodge and Suites if any one knows of it. We were a little unsure of this Motel because of the reports we had read or heard, but it ended up being a waste of energy because for the rating this place had we could not fault it. Staff proved to first class and very helpful. This came to light because of the Volcano eruption from Iceland. As it happened we had a good couple of weeks and got back home on our already booked flight all be it 4 hours late. We did get food vouchers from British Airways because of this.

But our brother in law got stuck and spent another two weeks in Florida before his air line (Virgin) could or would bring them back.. The funny thing about this is that OUR original date of departure was moved a couple of days forward because of an error by travel agents, double booking us, and if we had gone on this day instead of the new date, then we would have been stuck over there as well. (Blessing?) It was here when the motel staff, were very very helpful to our brother in law and family.They couldn’t actually do any thing directly but they gave them advice and support. Due to the unforeseen situation that everyone found themselves in this proved a very welcome response. Even though the situation was not actually affecting us yet, we still felt eased with the hotels advice and support.

When in a foreign country and suddenly finding that one has to find out the countries processes other than times of shuttles to the parks, it was godsend having this help on-board. There was very little info coming through to the stranded people in the States, the web sites were not any better. So every one was having to deal directly with their holiday reps. They were not that helpful, whether because they were not fed the info as well or whether they were trying not to start a panic..but panic was happening because of the lack of info..all very counter-productive..


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