My Favorite Sporting Event

Olympics or Reality Show

The Olympic Cauldron in Vancouver

I think it has to be the Olympics, because it is shown on various channels all day long. Which means what I hear you ask…. It means that I don't have to endure all the reality crap shows that seems to flood our screens these days. Turning on the telly and watching people competing in a race or long jump or trying to throw things further is "far more" interesting than watching people eating bugs and humiliating themselves or obese people in shorts and so called judges making derisory remarks.Just to mention a couple, I could do this for half the fees they get. If some one in the street or else where said these things they would have lawsuits or broken noses. What I can't understand is why are they employed being paid big bucks to be rude, ignorant and just plain insulting to people who seem to take it..

I suppose in warped way they could be compared because both have individuals or teams making battle. But the Olympics are not trying to con people out of money by voting for our favourite runner or jumper or thrower.

So I say throw your discus and we'll phone to vote who threw it the farthest, does not matter who actually did… Does it?

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