The Best Photo I've Taken, Not technically though I say, do you hear…..

Key West bust stop……

My favourite photo, as shown was taken while on holiday in Florida. It may not be a technically good photo and professionals would no doubt criticise it for position, its exposure or some other crap that they like to spin. Just to justify their position of being professional. But to me and probably to many others it's what you like that counts. Like music some songs you like some you don't but yours and my likes and dislikes does not make it a bad song. So what ever we say and do we look at our photo's and enjoy them, for mine it is the picture itself and with the memory it brings, enhances the picture, and I don't bloody care what others say, I only hope they enjoy it for their own reasons. So I say enjoy as I will enjoy others… Thanks.

PS: for the record it was taken while waiting for a bus at Key West to take us to Downtown Disney, with a Ricoh Camera, cannot remember model, A very nice warm day.

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