My Top Celebrity Sightings, would not admit to it officer…

Celebrities, give over, we are the Celebrity Are we not???

The Bargate – Southampton

I would not entertain putting any sightings of any sort on record. Their heads are mostly too big as it is and why should i give them free publicity. Most would not say they saw me walking around Southampton high street or visiting our local park or shopping mall, so why the hell should I give them the satisfaction of me saying I saw them. However there are rather a lot of so called celebrities that are not even talented but just happen to be on telly.These people who run television channels should go to talent spotting school,they do not seem to be able to recognize talent if it knocked on their door and said 'High I'm talent give us a break'.

I alone know many talented people, in the fields of music,photography and writing and they are my celebrities. Not these so tagged persons who think they are.

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3 thoughts on “My Top Celebrity Sightings, would not admit to it officer…

  1. I agree. So many so-called celebrities do not have much talent – except in the way of catching the media’s attention. (I am thinking of those “stars” of American realty shows). And they are just ordinary people like you and me – with more media coverage!

    1. Similar here in the UK, I would add, their egos are bigger than their talents. These programs are, in my view, are a big turn off. thank you Colline for your visit and comments…love em’ pop back

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