What's Worth Waiting in Long Lines

Luverlee food well worth the wait.

Funnel Cake – if you know what this gorgeous sickly food is, then you will know why it is worth waiting in a line for.

Soaring ( Ride at Epcot Centre ) this is my families very favourite ride of all in the Disney parks. We fast passed it three times in one day, would have done more if the times allowed.

Toilets. Needless to say if you got to go then you got to go. Waiting in line is just part of the reward when we get there.

The longest I have waited was in line for the Simpson's ride in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida which was approx an hour and three quarters. The ride had only been opened a few weeks and was still very popular, and there were and still no fast passes. But the wait was well worth it. Although I and my family loved it I have heard mixed reports and feelings about this ride.

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