The Oldest Thing I Own is a Violin but not a Stradivarius

My mothers Violin Circa 1929 and how I ….


Well this is an easy one to reply to, it my mother’s ‘violin’. She passed it on to me way back in 1970, when I was playing my guitar in my bedroom. She came into my bedroom with violin in hand, she said as I was the only one in our family musically minded I could take over the ownership. She took it out of the case and proceeded to tune it up and the played ‘God Save the Queen’. Then handed it to me and said it is yours. It needs a little TLC other wise it is a good instrument. She went on to tell me that she had not played it since 1938 when she played at Southampton Guilldhall in the Southampton Music Festival. So I feel she must have been pretty good as she had not touched it for 30 years or more.

This is one good memory I will never forget. I also have Certificates from 1936 and 1937 where she came first in solo and third in Duet also at Southampton music festival. Yes I was thoroughly impressed and I feel I never attained the same in guitar. But still very enjoyable. By the way this Violin is circa 1929 which is fairly old and valuable as sentimental but not monetary, My Guitar is around 34, not 100 per cent sure. It has been through the wars but still very playable.. Lifeblood of a guitarist,,,still tuning and playing it and not letting one down, still beating.

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6 thoughts on “The Oldest Thing I Own is a Violin but not a Stradivarius

    1. I did play a few tunes but could not get the same feel as I have for the guitar and mandolin etc. So now it is kept hidden away in it’s case with the memory of that day. And knowing that my mother was a good violinist. I know this ’cause I have some music festival certificates she played in in 1930 something. Plus that day was enough for me, as proof. Tuning it and playing ‘God save the queen” after thirty years of never touching it.
      Thank you so much for your visit,it makes these posts all the more worth while..

      1. Maybe some day you can pass it on to someone younger in your family. My daughter has begun to play the violin – and it was my grandmother’s instument of choice.

      2. I do have daughter as well, but she is showing no interest in playing any instrument, she does come with me to folk clubs etc. it does sadden me a little. thank you..

      3. I have a daughter to who hopefully will become it’s new owner. She does not play any instruments and seems to have no interest. Saddens me a little. The buck stops here as they say. thank you.

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