If I Had My Own TV Show I'd say goodbye to many…..

A cynical view but pretty truthful "Who the hell is he?"

It would be a reality show,but opposites to the rubbish we already have. All these persons on panels and judging and being blatantly rude and obnoxious to contestants, not to forget the vanity of some, just because someone says they are experts or a celebrity. This gives them the right to be insulting, yeh I'm sure.

My show would people picked off the street each week, put on the judging panel, and then they would tour the country and judge all the people on stage. The contestants on stage would be people in the so called world of 'the celebrity' Each person would appear on stage and then have to prove that they are a celebrity. The panel would then have the right to be insulting and be down right rude to these contestants.

Then I believe that these so called celebrities would suddenly disappear back to their non existent world where they belong.

After all it is the public who make them so it should be the public judging. These persons should remember this.

The first round of heats will held on Brighton beach, and the test is to swim out towards France and see how far they can get, the farther the better……….

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