If I Were a Genre of Music… I would not be a boy band.. too old for start !!!!!

Lesson in Music..

Electric Guitar

I would be Blues for my moody and laid back outlook, but occasionally I become outward and full of confidence and arrogance so I would then say I am Heavy Rock. As I play the guitar and have done so on stage to varying sizes of audience I can speak from experience. Turn the Amps up a few notches and hammer out a few riffs and then the adrenalin starts to flow.

On a different set playing acoustic and mellow sounds then the opposite happens.

Both enjoyable but with very different reactions, not only to oneself but also to the audiences.

Check the differences between Led Zeppelin audience to a Sonny Terry or BB King audience. The frenzy is quite visible..

However all music has it's place, unfortunately they still play some of the crap on the radios.

Boy bands, girl bands who needs them……

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