My Two Most Memorable Birthday's…Smokes and Pirates…..

Two very good reasons….

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

I have two and for different reasons they stand out.

My 21st, which was a long time ago, when I was 21 actually. A group of us, long haired hippy types we were and set out on our travels. Pub one a few drinks followed by a few smokes. Then pub 2 a few drinks and few smokes. By now we were starting to have fun and we continued our journey until we ran out of pubs. What now we thought.. the football social club here we come. Here we are a group of guitar toting long haired hippies and we going to a club full of straights talking about their Spanish holiday they are going on or the one they just come back from.

Anyway we did the cancan and generally took the piss and when we left some how one of us drove a car to my mates girl friends and we crashed out on the lawn all night. When the driver went to go home he found his car balancing with two wheels hanging over a river bank, just like in the 'Italian Job'….

My second was in 2008 my family, that is my wife and my daughter and I went to Florida, and to Disney Parks and stayed at The Renaissance near Sea World. My birthday consisted of going to Epcot Centre and going on the Soaring Ride and just enjoying the day. Epcot Centre is my favourite park in Disney. Visiting England, Canada, USA Pavilions. But the evening, the icing on the cake, we had a dinner show at the Pirates Dinner Show. This was excellent, the food was good, the service was good and best of all the show itself was brilliant. To top it all it was in Florida, the weather was good and I was with the two most important people in my life. What more could one ask for….

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