The Best Musical Performance I've Attended.. 'Focus' @ Bournemouth

One Very Impressive Band….

SATB Choral Music

One I was very impressed by occurred many years ago in the Dorset Town of Bournemouth. I went to see the band 'Focus', if you know this band then you will know it from the decade of the 70's.

Apart from the obvious fact that I like them musically, after this particular night I became very impressed by the lead guitarist 'Thij Van Leer' I think spelling is right. However minor details. During one of their pieces, which we fans all know are quite lengthy, one of his guitar strings broke.

This did not stop him or the band from playing their tune, he then proceeded to remove the broken string and replace it with a new one. Tune it up., and continue playing the tune. As I play the guitar myself, is probably why I noticed this, but to any other they would not have noticed any discrepancies in his playing. Not only was this very professional it was very clever and very impressive.

Anyone thinks otherwise about doing this, then I suggest you try doing it……Not so easy.

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