Am I Cynical, You Tell Me….

April 22nd 2010

After we, my family and I got back home from our Icelandic Volcano stress related last couple of days holiday in Florida. It was now I realised all the rubbish that was being said, and every body arguing amongst themselves, and passing the blame every where else other than where it should be. Various groups were saying what they were going to do, offering assistance, including monetary,to all the stranded holiday makers. This was all well and good but no-one was telling the poor stranded holiday makers. The friends we were with were stuck out in Orlando for another two weeks. The hotel offered them reduced rates and advice as and when. The Parks, Disney and Universal were offering a free days entrance to these people. All in the good interest to help and relieve the pressure of boredom and spending extra money, money that most people did not have and was going to spend on credit cards. Many promises were made about these people being reimbursed when returning home. That remains to be seen. What with the Air Lines fighting for compensation and blaming government for holding them on the ground. So they would probably be more tied up trying to claim their millions back. You trying to claim your few hundred pounds and upwards would be back burner material.

All the people that we, my wife and myself, were talking to when over there at the time, could not get any information. The phone lines all automated, the web sites not giving out much and the holiday reps not knowing anything to satisfy the holiday makers worries. Although my family got back without much fuss or problem it just surprised me to hear all the rubbish on the news. Everybody blaming everybody instead of helping the stranded. The very least these people wanted was a little communication, being told some thing even if it was a load of rubbish. They would then have felt a little less like lost souls in the wilderness.

    April 2011

Next Chapter,, trying to find work..  Oh yes easy I hear you saying…..                               MY FOLLOW UP……

Told it was diseased?? Don’t look it to me…….

…….This all depends on your age.. Assuming you are of average or above intelligence, willing to put your hand to anything and is quite capable and willing to learn. One would think that getting a job was straight forward, especially if you listen to all the bullshit that comes out of our Tweedle Dee and Dum Government. After all they are creating a lot of the unemployment by making all these cuts and in turn the government offices/departments and council offices around the country are reducing their workforce to meet the monetary cuts that has been inflicted on them. I go to sign on every couple of weeks and I am constantly told ‘companies are taking on the older persons’ although they cannot tell me which ones or show any proof. All I hear is more being put out onto the unemployment ranks.. Join the club..

I bet that there are many others out there feeling the same way, we want to work, we want a job, but the system and the companies are saying other wise. I have records, mostly emails showing how many I have applied for and I am not limiting myself to one field. Again how many others are in the same position, and feeling very low and thinking they have so much to offer but are being held back. 

So lets all get together and start shouting, many voices make louder noises than one. If Tweedle Dee and Dum run the country lets start to run Tweedle Dee and Dum..after all Mickey Mouse is in charge here….

Not  having money makes things difficult, not having transport makes getting about difficult,easy to say I know but ‘lets not let the bastards grind us down…

Hope you all get the gist of being cynical, but it goes deeper doesn’t it !!!!!!!!!!


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