Issues I Like to Debate

We the public debate, the government listen. The Government do exactly the opposite…. DEMOCRACY….

Debating Chamber

I like debating, arguing or generally letting off steam on various topics, but the best is usually politics or politics in a simpler form.

We all think our governments are doing things wrong and we are all being treated badly, and I am, of course no different, or am I?

We'll start with the high price of petrol. and just recently it has been reported that oil has be reduced in price. But the pump prices stay the same, apart from where the odd individual retailer has lowered it by a few pence. Then our government tell us why they have not reduced the prices, and they expect us to believe this rubbish. Then they wonder why there are riots popping up randomly in cities around the country. I will not write my view on these riots etc, another topic for another day.

When the government is taking 60 per cent of the cost per liter, to me this a government teaching it's citizens to steal, be deceitful and just live a life of lies and underlying smoldering hatred.

The government keep cutting expenditure and soon this strong little island of ours will be open for any to invade. Cutting the Army forces and not employing more. All the Councils and related bodies having to get rid of staff, so in all the unemployment has risen largely due to the government, and then they are punish the unemployed.

It has already started, slowly and surely…………BEWARE. who is your Next Door Neighbor … Do you Know them??? Do you Really……

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