If I Could Only See for a Day, Assuming I could see Before

The bestest place in the whole wide world

I will write about this one because of my sarcasm and cynicism.

My feeling is that if I was blind then how the hell would I know what I would like to see, look at or view. People can describe things to us and there fore will depend on how good that description is and of our interpretation.

So lets say that I lost my sight when twenty five years old, and have been able to visit and see a large part of the world. I am now forty five and have been blind for …. oh yes twenty years.

With my vast experience and knowledge, and of course memory, what would I like to see again. Being able to see would also bring into ones mind, thoughts and emotions. So let me think, where and what in this world would be worth looking at and enjoying…hang on be back in a minute,,cuppa time.

The picture tells it all, Disney in Florida is the place to view and be. It portrays happiness, joy, love and pure magic of wonder.

A place to forget all ones worries and become a born again child. Run up to a character get a hug an autograph and a photo. 'Everlasting memories'

Love love and more, enjoy….

Not to forget the smiles on every ones faces.

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