My Childhood hero is…… no not me

He is God so the papers say.

Burning Guitarist

Firstly I never idolise anyone but I admire people. The person I admire the most was and still is Eric Clapton. If you don't know him he is a guitarist who has played with many of the worlds best bands.

When I took up the playing of the guitar Eric was in the Yardbirds and he was just some one at the time whose style I liked. As the years passed I carried on playing and trying to improve, and playing in various bands, but he was always remained the person I followed. I got most of his records, albums and used to read all the music papers. One of the big head lines in many of the papers was 'Clapton is God'. So as a guitarist he was then and still is the best guitarist in the world today. I'm not into things so much nowadays but I do still play the guitar as does Eric Clapton and with all the guitarists that have come and gone and are still here none in my mind can share the same stage and be his equal, some might be close but….. There is no other GOD

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