NANOWRIMO, my month of participation.

Back in October I saw a an interview on a morning show by the BBC. It was this interview, with a writer whose name now escapes me, but she was talking about how she is to participate in a novel-writing exercise, via a web site called NANOWRIMO, I must admit I had not heard of this until then. So I proceeded to check it all out. I had the making of a story in my mind and had written notes over the years past, many years ago. I had written poems  and made a book with the same title and now it was the turn of my novel. This NANOWRIMO was the perfect tool for me, it gave me an incentive, a meaning and reason to write. I did very little preparation apart from reading some of my notes. The day came and like many others, I suppose, started typing and bringing their story and characters to life. Some struggled and got support through the various local Nano pages set up on Facebook. People encouraging people and giving advice gained from their own experience. This was not only a writing experience it was a social one. People from all over the world, who would never have met if it wasn’t for this Nano writing. So I say or ask others if they felt things and experienced more than just the writing, and the ambition of producing a novel. How many actually achieve this end goal. Guidance on this side of novel-writing would also be a very useful tool.

X Factor for budding authors..


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