Lymington Folk Club – The Fourth of January 2012

The  4th January 2012 and the Lymington Folk Club, both the date and place will be set in 

my mind for a very long time. Why you ask, well, I met up with some old friends from my 

teenage years and my dearest friend and longest known friend John Dunkinson played a 

small set, by himself and a couple of tunes accompanied with Pete Strong and Pete Jones. 

     His music was uplifting and the icing on the cake for me. But I am pretty sure the rest of 

the club also enjoyed his songs, judging by the applause and the after effect.  John who 

lives in Seattle, USA means I and his other UK friends do not see him very often, and 

because of this it made it doubly good for me.  But must not forget the other artists that 

performed this night, because once again the Folk club produced tunes to the highest of 


A very big THANK YOU for this alone. 

Apart from my regular visit and enjoyment of the music at this Folk Club, by the way is 

every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, it had turned into a re-union of old friends, the 

only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not we will all keep to our departing 

words, ‘keep in touch, I’ll give you text or call, check you out on Facebook, don’t leave it 

another thirty years’ you know what I mean. We have all done it at some time in our lives, 

people get separated with life’s paths, and then meet up again further down the paths of 

fate. We had a good night talking of the past and of today. This is a sign of good friends, 

you can talk to each other easily, no stopping and faltering and wondering what to say.

John Dunkinson sang some songs in remembrance of a local  character, poet and singer 

songwriter from the area. He has recorded his songs and put them onto a CD called 

‘Gypsy’  and subtitled ‘In Memory of Rod Legge’ Very high quality recording and very 

high standard of music. So I suggest you have a listen by visiting the web site on the 

following link   and if possible support the local characters. 

       Without these people, your villages and towns would be like any other, boring. These 

characters can be like an attraction and a very valuable asset. Look after them while alive 

and if not then at least give them life in their death with some form of acknowledgement. 

Please visit the website and help. THANK YOU, for this.  = for the CD ‘Gypsy’ = for the Lymington Folk Club. If in the area

remember to visit. 1st and 3 rd Wednesday of each and every month


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