Peaceful’ Photo Challenge 2012

Peaceful, Jan 13th.

My idea of peace is—

New Forest Ponies

Stream in New Forest



One beautiful sunny day, my wife and I went for a walk through the nearby New Forest. We eventually came upon this peaceful scene, and luckily I had my camera. Theresults are as you can see. Others were taken but I think these pictures represent the theme well. But they also have a memory within as well, which makes it doubly good.

So to all that view, please enjoy and comment.

63 thoughts on “Peaceful’ Photo Challenge 2012

  1. The New Forest is beautiful and you were there on a good day, it appears. Thank you for these photographs. They are a wonderful interpretation of this week’s theme.

  2. The horses drinking from the stream are beautiful, and so is the reflection in the trickling forest stream. Great entry!

  3. The horses are great! Really pretty animals. It took me a while to find your link because you don’t have your wordpress blog link on your profile. Anyway, thanks for liking my contribution to this week’s photo challenge, my photo “Peace.” (The one with the zebras).

  4. These are very lovely…to see the water rippling around the horses…yes, very peaceful. The other scene is peaceful and reflective…literally and figuratively. Thank-you.

    1. Thank you for your comments and interest, the New Forest is on the south coast of the UK. If you
      Google map Brockenhurst or Lyndhurst, Hampshire England UK. You could be lucky to see two very beautiful

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