Photo Challenge – Simple

The Title for my Challenge this week is–


The Moon's
A Balloon

I hope one can see  my idea and simplicity of the theme these photo’s.

I myself actually quite like these photographs. But what makes them distinct is the fact they were taken several years apart in different parts of the country. Here they are together on the same page, same web space, in fact it is ‘Gerry’s Space’.  How surreal is that, two completely different types of photo’s now at home together on this one page.

I will be probably putting another post with this theme in mind.

Enjoy my theme –  ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’


Thank you every one of you for calling in and liking and leaving comments. I only put these pictures on the page just to participate. But it has gone above all expectation, and with all this attention, the ‘Candle Lighter Award’, it has brought tears to my eyes and my emotion very high.

Standards are so high it makes it harder but we all will meet it. So I say to YOU ALL, a very big THANK YOU and please return.

81 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Simple

      1. Thanks ‘jakesprinter’ it makes it more enjoyable and worth while when you know other people are enjoying looking in as well. And of course I enjoy visiting yours and others sites, so much talent..

  1. Wonderful! Did you have to crop either picture to make your moon/balloon look almost exactly the same size in both? (I think it’s the size and position (near) match that really makes me smile when I look at the two pictures together.)

  2. wonderful photography as usual. I am giving you The Candle Lighter Award. Here is the link with the information and the badge Just copy the badge onto your widget area. Use the above link when you post the acknowledgement about your award in your blog. If you need to know how to put badges onto your blog there is a link if you click on the button in my header that says Awards and Badges.

    1. Although appreciate it very much it has surprised me as well, on my update I say how emotional I feel on this particular posting. It becomes all worth while..

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