Photo Challenge – Hope

The Title for my Challenge this week – 27th Jan 2012

Repaeir the Pier

Burnt out remains.

Burnt Out Remain

Hastings pier,  5th October 2010

A major fire  destroyed most of Hastings Pier in East Sussex, UK, a day after redevelopment plans were invited.

Two people were arrested and detained for questioning, in respect of arson. but were later bailed.

The pier opened in 1872 and was originally 910ft (280m) long. It closed in 2006 because of fears it had become unsafe.

A Shell of Remains
Part Remaining - Hastings Pier









The question we might ask, is,’will it now be rebuilt’. My family was having a late summer break in Hastings’ and were visiting this part of the town. The photo’s I took made a sad memory return. There has been a lot of talk about it being rebuilt, but as yet nothing positive. The local council has some plans, but not been made public. This is why it is a good title, rebuild, well we can only ‘HOPE’