Photo Challenge – Hope

The Title for my Challenge this week – 27th Jan 2012

Repaeir the Pier

Burnt out remains.

Burnt Out Remain

Hastings pier,  5th October 2010

A major fire  destroyed most of Hastings Pier in East Sussex, UK, a day after redevelopment plans were invited.

Two people were arrested and detained for questioning, in respect of arson. but were later bailed.

The pier opened in 1872 and was originally 910ft (280m) long. It closed in 2006 because of fears it had become unsafe.

A Shell of Remains
Part Remaining - Hastings Pier









The question we might ask, is,’will it now be rebuilt’. My family was having a late summer break in Hastings’ and were visiting this part of the town. The photo’s I took made a sad memory return. There has been a lot of talk about it being rebuilt, but as yet nothing positive. The local council has some plans, but not been made public. This is why it is a good title, rebuild, well we can only ‘HOPE’

77 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Hope

  1. It’s sad to see what happened to Hastings Pier, but nice to know that at least something survived. You did a nice job of silhouetting the pier, adding to the mystery of the fire, although in the last photo I might have wanted to see a little more detail of what was actually left.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my “Rural Sunrise” entry to this week’s photo challenge at 🙂

    1. If you google search you’ll find unfortunately, very little survived. and as you see fencing. Very much appreciate your visit and enjoyed your sit as well. thank you.

  2. I was working in Brighton the day the West Pier burned down. We were almost weeping, such a tragedy. Piers are so much part of our English seaside history, money should be thrown at them to keep them in good repair. I had been following the story of Hastings pier for the last year on local radio.

  3. Are these pictures representing ‘hope’ or ‘destroyed hopes and dreams’? The future is going to show it eventually. I really hope they will rebuild this beautiful peer (so yes, for me hope remains)! So this is a really nice entry for this week’s challenge, one I really had to think about. Nice, Gerry!

  4. I hope they rebuild it too, I remember visiting there as a child. I also remember the mess of Brighton pier from visiting there too. Vandalism makes me really cross.

  5. Such a sad story. I hope that the pier is rebuilt. The remaining part of Hastings Pier looks to be very interesting architecturally.

    1. It is nice to see my post capturing peoples thoughts etc, and its great that did a little research as well. I really do hope same as many, but as I am to understand it is money and politics. We all know these do not mix. but as my tile says Hope!
      PS thank you greatly fro comments and joining in. makes me really happy.

    1. Sorry I missed your comments, Thank you so much for your visit and liking of my post. You are always welcome and appreciated. Again apologise for missing when first commented. 😉

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