Waiting – my own post.

Saturday 4th January 2012

Waiting !!

in line for Aerosmith coaster ride.


Cheeky Daughter


My cheeky daughter in a long line waiting to go on the Aerosmith coaster ride at Disney. She is now a little older, a little bigger but just as cheeky. But I love her! Enjoy my added post.


26 thoughts on “Waiting – my own post.

  1. Good Morning, Sunday has just begun for me. I’ve just turned on my computer and found all these submissions to the theme ‘waiting’. Lol. I think your daughter’s gesture is what we all think: we might be made to wait, but we’re going to have fun while we do it.

  2. Our kids makes us feeling happy and loved each day. As for the Aero ride…I almost passed out when I rode it last year…..The 90 degree drop? OMG!!! Stay cool always and best wishes to your family…

  3. Thank you for your generous words and ditto to you. if you like coasters then maybe you also visited -The Rocket-Universal. The Hulk – IoA The Sheikhra – Busch gardens and Kraken – sea world..

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