Weekly Photo Challenge – Ready..

 February 6th 2012


Your meal is Ready










Your Meal ok Sir










This bird of prey, I came across while walking through a car park, with my daughter. between two hotels. I heard some screeching and noise of wings flapping and fluttering rather strenuously within the nearby trees.  I looked about to focus on the actual tree and what the cause was. Here I found two of these birds fighting over the meal. I was ready with my camera and managed to capture the victor, which is in these  photo’s was ready to fight for his food and was now ready to eat in peace. The loser had flown away by the time I was ready.




2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Love

Monday 26th February


Love is start.

Love is mature.

Love is strength.

Love is life.

Love is Understanding.

Love is Looking at You

Love is Believing.

Love is Right.

Love is Wrong.

Love is Death.

Love is… what-ever you want it to be.


My participation in 2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post, via jake and if any of you wish to participate please follow the link.