Destination Birthgrove – Poem

Destination Birthgrove

By Gerald Ainger/Cobb
 Wed 8th Feb 2012

The train roared through the tunnel

No smoke no steam and also no funnel

There were laughs joined with screams

Bridges looming across rivers and streams

The countryside rolled by slowly

Hills and dales standing so very lonely

Cobbled stone station drew aside our electro-mobile

Passengers oozed out in country style

This was the station where I departed

Two hours later I was back to where I started

Four sixteen to Birthgrove shunted in

Old carriages dusty, dark and grim

Speeding along at sixty miles per hour

Screaming past the famous Queens Bower

This was it’s most popular name

Although many were mistaken for the same

Shunting slowly the train always did try

Then the sky darkened and started to cry

Although not moving very fast

My destination was here at last

(on a train journey to Weymouth July1968 )