11th February 2012


The Title of my Post today is ;;;

What if!!

Melody Maker gig 1973
Practise 2011

My title ‘What if’ means so much to me. Although I did make a living in the 70’s early 80’s playing in various bands. The music ranged from middle of road to Rock ‘n’ Roll and writing our own material. What if I had taken possible opportunities that arose, or What if we as a band stayed together when things were looking up. What if we went back to ‘Abbey Road’ recording studios when asked. There were many what if’s, some just too unbelievable but some some realistic enough to take the challenge. But due to reasons, that now seem to be rather feeble, meant that we did not take these opportunities. How ever I still enjoyed these years, even if they became a bug bear in my later life. So my Regret is not taking the chances we were offered.