11th February 2012


The Title of my Post today is ;;;

What if!!

Melody Maker gig 1973
Practise 2011

My title ‘What if’ means so much to me. Although I did make a living in the 70’s early 80’s playing in various bands. The music ranged from middle of road to Rock ‘n’ Roll and writing our own material. What if I had taken possible opportunities that arose, or What if we as a band stayed together when things were looking up. What if we went back to ‘Abbey Road’ recording studios when asked. There were many what if’s, some just too unbelievable but some some realistic enough to take the challenge. But due to reasons, that now seem to be rather feeble, meant that we did not take these opportunities. How ever I still enjoyed these years, even if they became a bug bear in my later life. So my Regret is not taking the chances we were offered.



52 thoughts on “wEEKLY pHOTO cHALLENGE – rEGRET!

  1. I am a firm believer that life unfolds as it is meant to and in it’s own time. Looking back on my own past, I could write a book on regret. However, if I (or any of us) had made different decisions along the way, we would not be who we are today. “IF” is a powerful little word. I wrote a little blog on it in my earlier posts posing that very same question, based on one of the smallest, most powerful, two letter words in the English language. I’m suspect, even though you did not go to Abby Roads Studio, you’ve enjoyed your music throughout the years. In the end, it is the happiness we derive from out talents that really matters. I would imagine that fame would bring it’s own headaches. At least you know who your real friends are, unlike Mick or Paul with crowds forever haunting them because of their success. Sometime life’s blessings are not obvious.

  2. Gerry,
    Great post. I think my husband can relate to your experience. My husband was also in a band as a teenager and was also offered a recording contract. He had often talked with me about the “what if’s”. The discussion usually ends with “you know if I would have moved to Los Angeles with the band, you and I may have never met and married.”
    Claudia 🙂

  3. I understand your feeling that way…but my own philosophy is that we chose our roads sometimes for reasons we don’t understand, but we (and maybe those we meet and influence while on those roads) would be poorer for our absence.

    1. Thank you and yes I do agree, but it does not always explain why we, people do things, and later not understand why. Even though it was our choice. But I would not change any thing. Atleast I tried.

  4. This was a great submission, the photos and the story. Perhaps now you could sing Edith Piaf’s song: Je ne regrette rien.

  5. Gerry, I married a musician who continued in music and just retired from the U.S. Navy after 28 years of doing what he loved to do! We have no regrets about his career choices or the pension that he now draws! He has decided to stay home (at least for a while) and help me with the business end of my art career. I hear and see regret in your post, but I’m sure that it must be tempered by rejoicing at what you did do, the road you did take. I put my desires to make art on hold for many years while the children were at home because I didn’t like having my concentration broken by interruptions and the children were more important. I didn’t want to hear myself telling them to go away. Now I have the uninterrupted time and I don’t feel like I lost much ground because I chose the path with greater value.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving me your nice comments! Ruth

  6. sometimes those past what-if’s want to come back to haunt us. however i have found that regret is a choice, and while i cannot change the past, i still have the moment, right now, before me to celebrate and for which i can be grateful. bless you as you come to terms with what was, and all the potential that is 🙂

  7. “So my Regret is not taking the chances we were offered.” Yes, I too have a several “what if’s,” but then I can no longer turn back the time, I can only make the most of what I have now. They do make us reflect on what’s important in our lives and what we should do next. Wonderful post!

  8. We all have ‘What if’s’. I think every choice we make and road we take is for a reason, and though we may not understand why we made the choice we did or the road we took, it’s probably for the betterment of our lives and those we come in contact with. I’ve had many ‘what if’s’, but looking back, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I believe I’m wiser because of those decisions, and I’m happy to be where I am now, with what I’m doing and with whom I share my life. Great post, Gerry! Very thought provoking!

  9. It sounds to me, that you regret missing out the possibilities which could have come with taking the chances, rather than your decision itself? But what if, if you would have taken the chances and you would have regretted it even more? I don’t really have a point to this, just thinking aloud. So overall, great entry! ‘What-ifs’ come together with regrets.. or the other way around?

    1. At the time the situations arose and we chose different paths, If we had taken the chances who knows, it is not worth contemplating. Dreams can be dangerous…..Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

  10. Man oh man could I write about this subject, but I choose not too. But I did torture myself by listening to a CSY song this morning on the way to work.

  11. Hi again. When I read this — on my first visit — and again today — I naturally thought about how I have had similar feelings. And I guess most of us have. But I was also reminded of a particular experience I had pertaining to this concept, and it touched me so profoundly I had to stop and write about it as soon as I could get alone.

    Actually, a friend of mine and I had been discussing (just a few weeks prior) how our lives would have been drastically different if we had just chosen differently one or two times. And I have had experiences a number of times where I’ve seen someone across a room and somehow felt a connection so strong it seemed we SHOULD have been connected in life. And then I’d wonder what would have been different in my life if that person had been in it. But this one time, it was so powerful I wanted to make sure I never forgot it.

    I posted that short article (about this specific experience) on my blog a couple weeks ago. You might enjoy it, in connection with what we’ve all been talking about. I’ll put the link on this comment so sometime when you’re surfing cyberspace looking for something to read, you can find it easily.
    Blessings. Sandra.

  12. I can certainly relate to these regrets, though I was never offered a contract, I did turn down many opportunities to pursue my true passion of music.
    Bless You great stuff…

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