Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘Down’

19th february 2012

D  o  w  N!

 This view is from the castle Keep, it was quite a trek to get to it, and as you can see it is a hell of a trek back down all those small slippery stone steps. Where is ‘Health and Safety’ or a ‘Lift’ / ‘Elevator’ (to my American friends) when you want one.
Now to go back Down

 D  O  W  N  !       Cliff Rail lift, apparently it is said to be the shortest rail way in the world. This actually travels directly up a cliff side, and on the top a very nice cafe greets you where you can enjoy a nice sandwich. The view is quite spectacular, looking out across the sea.
Now to go Back Down 2
All the above is of my own work, Please enjoy and express your views…

2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: ‘Colorful’

 19th February 2012




Epcot Center

When I took this first picture I thought my wife and daughter was playing a trick and moved away. But a closer look revealed their colors matched the background. After a while I actually quite like the picture.

Primeval Child's Ride

This photo portrays the theme ‘colorful’ very well. It also has a good memory attached which makes it all the more important, and, to me very apt to the theme. hope you all enjoy these colorful pictures as much as me.