Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘Down’

19th february 2012

D  o  w  N!

 This view is from the castle Keep, it was quite a trek to get to it, and as you can see it is a hell of a trek back down all those small slippery stone steps. Where is ‘Health and Safety’ or a ‘Lift’ / ‘Elevator’ (to my American friends) when you want one.
Now to go back Down

 D  O  W  N  !       Cliff Rail lift, apparently it is said to be the shortest rail way in the world. This actually travels directly up a cliff side, and on the top a very nice cafe greets you where you can enjoy a nice sandwich. The view is quite spectacular, looking out across the sea.
Now to go Back Down 2
All the above is of my own work, Please enjoy and express your views…

82 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘Down’

  1. Love the angle of these shots. Did you also take pictures of the view over looking the sea? Great challenge choice. Do you take pictures as a business as well?


  2. Gerry, you always come up with such cool photos. There’s another bucket list thing I want to do…tour a castle. I could spend days exploring that monster. Thanks for sharing this.

      1. I’ll bet. I have always loved the romance of castles. The buildings they ‘call’ castles in America don’t hold a candle to your wondrous structures.

  3. I’d like to go up and down those castle steps. That’s a perfect idea for ‘down’. Your photos are so sharp (especially compared to mine).

  4. Two great interpretations of down. The first one especially is fascinating – even without a lift. There are no such architectural treasures in my corner of the planet. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. i can certainly enjoy a walk down those castle stairs – it’s the walk *up* that i’m not too sure i’d like. 😀 thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. have a wonderful day!

  6. yowza!!!!! you have no idea how much i want to see the UK! Pictures like yours really cement it for me!! Imagine living in that? Imagine looking out the top windows and knowing all the surrounding lands were yours! what an era! we have nothing like that here!

  7. Absolutely stunning photos! You have a great eye for composition.

    On your music. As a vocalist, manager, and producer of local bands I know how hard it is sometimes to stay empowered. Never put your instrument down, never quiet that voice that needs to be heard. There is always an audience of appreciation to be found, even if its just a couple pair of ears. You never know who it is that is listening

    By the way, Thank you Kind sir for finding your way to my barefoot blog. I am most grateful for your time.

    1. Thank you so much for fabulous words. I still play guitar but only for pleasure or at folk clubs. and you are welcome< I enjoyed your site very much and will return,following you now so watch out hehe! lol 🙂

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