ABC Award Thank you

ABC Award….

22nd February 2012
ABC Award with Thanks

I thank Carolbessums of      for nominating, I am not sure whether this a good idea. I cannot think of an alphabet full of comments, but will try. Some might be slightly untrue because mind failure. So bear with it…….

Here we Go !!!

A – Aware.   B – Boring.   C – Caring.  D – Diligent.  E – Emotional.  F – Friendly.  G – Gentle.  H – Helpful.  I – Inventive.

J – Jumpy.  K – Kingly.  L – Loyal.  M – Meaningful.  N – Nutty.  O – Organized.  P – Plain.  Q – Quaint.  R – Reliable.

S – Stupid.   T – Truthful.   U – Understanding.  V – Vacant.  W – Wanting.  X – eXcused.  Y – Yammer.  Z – Zigzager.

My little Alphabet isn’t too far out, but does it compare to others. Well that is not the point is it? the real point is participating and enjoying what others say and your views on other posts.

I would nominate for this award:  Every one that enjoys this world of blogs. I know it might be a cop-out, but there are so many of you that visit each other and enjoy each others posts, to me it would not be right. So i say all who read this and others you are nominated for this ABC Award..

But I would like to say thank you carolbessums for being  a loyal and honorable follower and blogger. I would like to return the enthusiasm, Thank you.