Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘Indulge’

25th February 2012.


 Maybe, Maybe Not …….

Funnel Cake- Our Favorite

Funnel Cake, our favorite indulgence when on Holiday at Disney, Orlando. This one was from Animal Kingdom.

Where it all started




Daughter Ellie’s first experience of indulging, Me holding the glass of milk shake, and mum making sure she did not fall. And her enjoying the drink.. 




And it Continues






And she continues to indulge as she gets older. Don’t we just love it though. Lemon Ice Lush.






Couldn't find a Bigger Bowl huh!




M&M’s another way to indulge ones self.

TV adverts in UK finish by saying, yes you got it. ‘Couldn’t Find a Bigger Bowl, Huh!’





Eat Me, I Wi





Another effort, but the indulgence

          was temporarily put off.








The Ultimate Indulgence...

Now at the age of 15 she has become an experienced Indulgeee!

LOL.. Only Joking Really

We had been to Florida four times and each time we spoke about getting a turkey leg, and it was on the fourth visit that we decided to indulge. But between the three of us we did not manage to eat it all.


All photo’s are the property of the taker, Gerry Ainger/Cobb.