2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post:- Landscape.

27th February 2012


Are they Really?
A View from Hotel Window.

 The above view is from a window at the Portaventura Hotel, Spain. However not sure how accurate the information is but the mountains in the far distant, had been told are the Pyrenees. So, I leave it to you to decide if this is so or  otherwise. Any way it was an excellent view in day light.. as well as on a clear night.

A Distant View of Dunster Castle

 The castle is Dunster in Somerset, UK.

A few years later, and several visits, and with an improved camera I managed to get some better ,closer pictures, but this one is ideal for landscape view. The only unfortunate thing is the date stamp. Like many photos of mine they were taken whilst on holiday or short break.

Hope you all enjoy!!!!


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32 thoughts on “2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post:- Landscape.

  1. I love those castle shots, Gerry. Please post lots of them. Here in America we are blessed with such magnificent beauty to include in the backdrops of our landscapes. 😉

  2. I especially like the view from the hotel window. The colors in the sky are gorgeous. They almost look as though an artist brush-painted them. And when I look at the castle, I can’t help but wonder what it feels like to live in a place like that — so high and aloof. There’s just nothing welcoming about castles — no matter where you find them. But, then, I guess that was part of the reason for building them — protection from enemies. No matter — your photo is really good.

    1. Castles are so beautiful to look at, but history of most is very gruesome. But we people love to get wrapped up in the glory rather than the shame.. I still love them for what they are and not so much what they were..Again Sandra Thank you very much..

  3. Wow! The sky in the first shot took my breath away. That’s an awesome view! And I love the castle shot! Oh, I wish we had more castles here. Just some more reasons to do more traveling – gotta see those castles up close, but for now, I will enjoy the view from my computer screen. 😉 Please post more castles! Beautiful shots, Gerry! 😉

    1. The first one taken from a hotel in Spain surprised me when I uploaded it to my computer. It does not look real. But it truly is, no editing or doctoring. The castle was taken with a poor camera, but it still looks good. Dunster in Somerset. Thank you for lovely comments.

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