Say What?! Are you for Real?

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What’s the most unexpected thing a stranger has ever said to you?  

Say What?! Are you for real?

A Brilliant Experience!

Disney's MGM's Hat

Back in 2003 myself and my wife and my daughter were at Disney World. To be precise MGM Studio’s,now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it was a very nice hot and sunny day. It was approaching parade show time. We had to decide where to sit so as to get a good view. Once a place was decided we plonked ourselves down onto the kerb, pavement, sidewalk, which ever you want to call it, and waited patiently.
Whilst watching the parade and getting all wrapped up in the mood and fun and smiles, my wife had made a few comments and received a few in return to a nice colored lady, now standing to see the parade, the way people do when at the world of dreams. When the last float had passed and the tail end security pulled the ropes, and followed them into the distant garaging, we all started to leave. But during the brief conversation with this joyous lady, who now had more of her family with her. When she suddenly asked us, “Are you genuine English people, from England?” We held ourselves from laughing, seeing the funny side to this question, by realizing that this joyous lady was serious. So my wife answered “Yes, from Southampton”
Then quite unexpectedly this joyous lady shouted out loud to her other family members, “Hey guys come over and meet some genuine English people”. Genuine was quite pronounced, and we as genuine English people suddenly became a little embarrassed.
We were then introduced to her and her family, a few nice pleasantries were spoken and all was quite friendly as it should be in Disney, we all passed a few farewell words with each and then went quietly on our way.
Well, we went quietly.. he he!


18 thoughts on “Say What?! Are you for Real?

    1. Unfortunately yes, with a different picture, because the links via Plinky were not working properly, and then suddenly all comes at it appaered..

  1. Gerry, I have no doubt that if we took the Governments of the World out of the picture, the people of all Nations would find delight and curiosity in each other. 🙂 I hope you got to see a little of America while on this side of the pond.

      1. That’s so cool. I have a friend that lives in England who’s assured me if I ever visit, he’ll put me up while I’m there and give me the tour of England, Scotland, and possible Ireland. I am so tempted to pack my bags, but now is not the time. One day. I have another friend in Germany who always stayed with me when she visits the States, who has offered me the same hospitality (in Germany). One day, I hope to see that side of the pond.

  2. You should try to get here, with a friend for lodgings it would not be too expensive. Saying that we are going that way, especially fuel. But one day when the time is right. We were planning to come over this but cannot now, money very tight, so may be next. Thank you for it..

  3. I love living in the United States, but there are four other countries that I wish very much to visit: Israel, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Things don’t look too promising for such long trips, but maybe some day. So glad you and your family have been blessed to travel so much.

    1. My friend went to Seattle back in 1979 -80, and has made a good life. I went out there and if only I discovered it myself earlier I would have given it go as well. But too late now. Was going back this year but money has delayed it, so maybe next year now.. 🙂

  4. I’ve only been out of the country twice and that was in Mexico both times. Cozumel for about five minutes. Progresso and Merida for a couple of hours. Actually, Cozumel was more like three hours, but it felt like five minutes. Both visits were by cruise and the boat had many difficulties (both times), so the first trip to Coz was cut short. We were supposed to have been there all day, go on a tour, etc., but all that was canceled. The second trip was supposed to go to Coz, but was cut short and we stopped in Progresso instead and a few of us took a bus to Merida and checked out the town for a couple of hours. We were supposed to swim with the dolphins this trip, but all excursions were canceled, of course. I’ll never take a cruise again. Next time, I’ll fly there and travel around by car, SUV or tour bus and walk. I’d so love to visit England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, and more. Hallie’s biggest dream is to see Paris, so now that I have a job (YEA!), I’ll save for that for a couple of years and we’ll go.

    I’ve traced some of our family history to England, Ireland, Wales, and France, and I hear stories of ancestry in Scotland, as well. Even the Blackford castle, which is my birthname, and we are supposedly connected somewhere. We have French royalty in our history, and I never even knew we had any french. Very cool. I used to trace our lineage through VERY interesting what you can find on there. Now that I’m working again, I’ll have to sign up again. I love that they save all your information, even after you stop your account.

    We loved Disney back in 2007. When we went, we met a nice woman and her daughter from Wales and LOVED talking with them and listening to that beautiful accent. I cannot stand my southern drawl most of the time, and I would so appreciate having an English, Welch, French or Italian accent. Beautiful. Music to my ears. Y’all were sweet to talk with these excited folks who were overjoyed at meeting “genuine English people from England”. haha!

    1. Thank you Carol for your lovely story as well. Maybe you should do a post on it, ancestry etc, a different angle.
      It is very strange, accents that is. us Brits would love to have American accents, could not say which because there are so many.
      Like you keep writing y’all and that is one that we like. (do you talk like that?) Our small country has many accents, dialects with differing degrees of understanding but when in America our accents seem so posh’ (for a better word) My accent would be classed as New Forest, Hampshire Draul. (What ever that means)
      Could go on for awhile but another time, eh!
      Carol thank you so much and really enjoy your readings and post please continue as I will.

    2. We have been to Disney four times now. 2003-2005-2008-2010 and to me it it the bestest place in the whole wide world. My favorite is Epcot. – It’s Small World. We also went to the Paris France one, still good but not quite so in comparison to the Florida one. My daughter also fell in love with it. I could tell another story about the very time we walked through the gate of Magic Kingdom, save it for another time
      thank you so much..

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