Weekly Photo Challenge – Distort.

 4th March 2012

 Distort!   ‘ed Views?


Ghostly Distortion Pointing...Can you See


Distorted Apparition....


Family Apparition--slightly Distorted?


Sorry every one but it is another castle view, a distorted view I must say. 

These do not show the true picture,because the room this was taken was a rather distorted shape, and allegedly haunted. So this my idea and take of the ‘Gerry’s ghost of the Shadows’. Slightly distorted to say the least.

For all you castle lovers, sorry that this post does not show, but if enough of you ask for castle views, I will be willing to post a couple of really good pictures for you. For the time being please Enjoy..  Fading into the distance…

Pictures are the sole Property of Gerry Ainger/Cobb–Geelongs Pictures and Prints.




42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Distort.

  1. I am assuming you are throwing the shadows on the wall yourself? Otherwise, you need to call ghost busters . LOL. Just a suggestion from one of your ‘castle fans’ (hint, hint)! 😉

    1. Thank you so much Evilynymphstuff’ but have already had one. Although the ABC banner is different to mine it is all the same posting. But am honoured and grateful for your nomination.
      Also thanks for visiting my site and commenting.

  2. ha! i dig your humorous take on the theme! (ps. your photos brought back memories of some of scotland’s castles that i happened to visit back in the 90s, and i admit to getting eerie feelings, particularly at the stirling castle :P). ps. thank you for liking my distorted post too 😀

    1. Thank you for your kind words appreciate your visit and comment. Nice to see post affecting people in a good way. And you are welcome, will return enjoyed it.

  3. Very cool, indeed, Gerry. I could see you and your family had a fun time with this one. 😉 Please, yes, post more castle photos. It’s the only way I’m able to visit them, and your castle photos make me feel as if I’m there. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you again Carol for your lovely comments, will try and do a post just with a few castle type pictures for you and all. Thank you for your support..

    1. Have no reports saying any problems. The post is only seven small pictures with a few lines of text. Have got many replies and likes. Do not understand why this is happening. So sorry to hear it. Have you tried another post see if it is just Contrast”’

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