7×7 Link Award.

Wednesday 14th March 2012

I was surprised as well as pleased to read my comments via email alerts from Ruth the Artist. Very good artist I must say and this is why I follow her Blog and posts. The link to her site would be well worth a visit. so go go go…     So to you Ruth Bailey ‘Artist’ I thank you for your nomination which I gratefully accept… I would also like to thank my mother, my father……only kidding .. Ruth thanks…


The only requirements of this award is..as below.

  • Thank my benefactors.
  • Tell one unknown thing about me.
  • Link to seven of my previous posts.
  • Award seven other folks.

My benefactor is Ruth Bailey, a fabulous blogger whom I follow and well worth visiting. One thing that is unknown that I am comfortable to reveal would be since I have started this blogging my eyes have been opened wide. Realizing that there are lots of great people about and I have got some that I would like to call friends. Cyber friends maybe, but friends all the same. People we will probably never meet, but picture says a lot. And it is this that I love so much. A big thank you to all and everyone.

My Seven posts that I think worth another mention are as below, even though I do like most of my new ones.

Please enjoy.


About meeting friends from many years ago and have a  jamming session at pub.


The story when my mother gave me her violin. Very moving.


My cynical view on so called celebrities.


Just love this for what it represents.


Many of you are doing the same, with your own memory. and more.

https://cobbies69.wordpress.com/my-music/  Rod Legge

About a group of us trying to raise money for a memorium for a local character.


This is just ‘About Me’ or is it??

The blogs and friends I am nominating this award to is…. 

http://adjustingyourfocus.wordpress.com/        Carol B Sessums

http://tonij.wordpress.com/    Lady Barefoot Baroness.

http://soundslikewish.wordpress.com/    trishworth.

http://orples.wordpress.com/    Marcy King

http://2e0mca.wordpress.com/   Martin

http://katehobbs.wordpress.com/    Kate Hobbs.

 Please Enjoy

35 thoughts on “7×7 Link Award.

  1. Fabulous! Next stop, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. :-). Kidding, of course, but sincere congrats. You most certainly deserve it.

  2. I appreciate the Award brother, though, I must respectfully decline to accept it at this time. I really am a little behind already on being able to rightly follow those I would like to follow on a regular bases, as well as behind on paying forward a couple of the awards I already received. I actually went a little further with one of the past Awards I received that only required me to offer 5 of my links, and to forward the award to 5 others…I like the number 7 better, so, I shared it with 7 others…at first…now I think I’ve added maybe 20 others to it…Anyway, I love your blog site, and I am also offering you one of the awards at my site…either one you would like to come by and pick up would be fine with me…as from what I have seen here on your site…you deserve them all.
    Bless You

    1. Thank you very much for your honesty and appreciate your offer in return..How ever I suppose the enjoyment of each others site is the important thing in this world of ours…Take great care..;)

  3. Your blog is so awesome. No wonder you were given this great award. Congrats, bro! Thank you so much for the nomination, as well. Francine had sent it to me a week or so ago, and I just posted it maybe yesterday or day before, but I will add you to that post as nominator, as well, and update it. Thanks so much for thinking of me! *hug* 😉

    1. Thank you so much for congrats and also the update of your blog, but I must say that you deserve all the awards that are available. Your are so uplifting and brighten up not just my days but many others as well. And I feel honoured to be your adopted bro’. I do enjoy your posts and look forward to more…;) chow for now..

  4. Hi Gerry, I’m just thinking about the award you nominated me for. I’ve always been uncomfortable with awards; even receiving my degrees at a ceremony was unpleasant for me. However, I’m pleased that you think my stuff is worth a remark or two. Perhaps it would be easier if I could have the award without having to work for it ie come up with 7 people to nominate etc. I’ll simply tell you something unknown about me: I wish I could go to France as a volunteer and teach English to children.

    1. Trish I do know how you feel, ‘cos I myself get these awkward emotions. It is great to receive them because it shows that people like your posts etc. But I am never comfortable about the nominating part. I think it is because of the unknown, not knowing what to expect, peoples reaction. But I now feel I have friends and this becomes a little less uncomfortable. Any way Trish, your site is well worth any award and I appreciate your truthful feeling. Thanks and carry on the lovely posting. The French would be blessed with you there on their land.

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