Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

17th March 2012

UNUSUAL, Maybe, Maybe Not!

You Tell Me..Please!

I am not too happy about this one, so will look to do another later. I do have a couple of ideas. But I hope you all like it though.

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The more I do the more I learn…

Last summer I had this idea of photographing water drops, this idea came from a television program.  So one sunny day I spent hours clicking away, deleting away. (Thanks a lot for digital) Some I really like, here are a few of my favorites. Some have edited. I do intend to try and do some more water based projects. But I find it difficult, but never give up eh!

95 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

  1. I love the red one. That’s fantastic! I also think the photographer’s pretty unusual. 🙂

      1. I hope you didn’t think I meant strange. I meant different – I like the ideas you come up with for the photo challenges – they’re different from the rest of the pack. My son had a photography project once where he filled a balloon with water and held it in one hand and his camera in the other while I pricked the balloon with a pin. He got great photos of water droplets shooting in all directions. Imagine if he had filled it with that red liquid!

      2. No, I am only joking,although I have been told I am different in many ways,but do appreciate your comments, well actually I love ’em. The red liquid is purely water with red food coloring. I experimented with colour against the daylight. That balloon ideas sounds good, might try that when the sun start shining. Thank you so much for your visit and comments and please call back love the little chats.. thanks..

  2. Wow, this is not an easy quick shot… 😮 Terribly difficult to know when to press the shutter. Did you pray a lot for the camera to fire on the spot?

    1. Well Madman, I was on the edge of my patience at times, I tried the multiple shot, but the quality was not so good. So yes it was wait, watch, (go cross eyed) and press, very quickly..Thank you so much…

  3. I’m finding this one difficult, and it’s making me wacky because I don’t want to miss a week. Novice anxiety. I think the shots are great. I enjoy looking at your photos. If you have more ‘unusual’, bring it on. I’ll be back… 🙂

  4. This is such a cool post Gerry. You are very imaginative to take a common item, we all take for granted, and a put a spin on it. I love the way you posted the drop as it was dripping. I especially liked the drop when it’d broken away from the main stream to leave a single round droplet below the drip (if that makes sense). You done good! 😉

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I do understand, it makes sense. It took me ages and my patience was getting thin..I was not even sure about posting this..;)

  5. I love it. I think it is unusual that the water turned red in one of the photos 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, I do have a sequence of red ones as well, but preferred the clear ones,, was not sure on this post at all, but looks i might be wrong..

  6. Photographing water droplets certainly require a lot of patience, and i mean A LOT, but you did very well. I did a similar series a while back and it certainly tested my patience.

    1. Thank you Gracie for your kind words and especially your visit. Did you post your results, I would like to see. Patience was certainly tested. but it was also fun..;)

    1. I appreciate greatly your nomination and of course will pop over when I have caught up and grab my prize. I will think of an acceptance speech…Watch out ear drums…

      1. Of course an acceptance speech is always welcomed, Gerry, but by no means necessary. I know how that time factor works, and hope the people (yourself included with my 777 award) will understand that it may be a few days before I get back to re-posting the awards not yet shown on my site. There just aren’t enough hours in the day it seems. 🙂

  7. Great! Catching a drop is quite a task. The timing and precision involved is much. Nice shot, I love it. It’s actually unusual to see a drop this clearly!

    1. Thanks a lot Patti for stopping by and liking and especially commenting. I do get overwhelmed with all of these wonderful comments. I really do not expect it.. thanks so much.

  8. I like this a lot, and yes, it’s definitely unusual, I think you hit the prompt right between the eyes. I enjoyed watching the progress oif the single drop, and the one photo where the drop is perfectly round is amazing. Great job on these!

  9. Interesting pictures. If I have to pick a favorite it’d be the one with the dolphin cap and the drop has just separated from the little line of water.

  10. It’s an unusual amout of effort 😉 But seriously, you have to experiment to get the results you want. Now you have to take that experiment forwards to catch the other end of the process – when the drop hits the water at the bottom!

    1. I actually did try, but no matter how i set it up the picture was never much good. But as you say I will give it another try on a nice sunny day. thank you for you visit and comment..

    1. I do not know what is happening I have not posted a number 2 yet, but will check what is happening.. thank you for your visit and comment..

    1. Thank you Cassie for your lovely words and visit, I havent posted a second one yet, but will do later today… I do not know what is happening.

  11. Hey, Gerry, how did you get these pictures to run as a slideshow? Gilly Gee and I talked about it, and she told me what she did. I went to the tutorial and followed all the instructions — I think. The last thing they said to do was to click “Insert Slideshow.” All my pictures are on the post, one underneath the other, but they are not in a screen where they move from one to the other. On the tutorial, what they call a “slideshow” does what your pictures do and what Gilly’s do. Would you tell me what steps you took so I can figure out what I might be missing? Thanks a lot.

    1. GOOD NEWS! You don’t have to go to all that trouble now. I figured out what I needed to do. It was something a little different from what they said. Maybe it’s just that way on some of the themes. But no matter — it’s working. Thanks anyway.

      1. Glad that you managed ok. If any advice wanted I would say, use the individual up loader, this helps if you want to put pictures in a certain order. It took me ages to get ‘THANKYOU’ to run in order. Any way Sandra well done…sorry was not about at your time of need..;)

    2. Just read your request, sorry I missed it, 05.30 my time it came through. glad you worked it out ok, my other comment added a little tip..;) any way well done 😉

    1. Thanks for your comment and visit, yes the timing took a lot of patience to get it. Still not quite what i wanted but my patience had got the better of me..;)

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