Unusual number 2

Thursday 22nd March 2012.

Unusual Number 2

By Request!

This post is for all you wonderful people who would like to see some more of my efforts.  They are not as good, the pictures not quite what I like to show, but it is the effort and the overall view that matters. And of course I like to oblige where I can.  I am doing another slideshow because it gives a better impact and view. THANKYOU.

Please all Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a few more of less quality but I hope you still enjoy,

All pictures are the property of photographer GAA/C

23 thoughts on “Unusual number 2

    1. Thanks for your supporting words and hopefully will continue to do more. It makes so much more worthwhile when people appreciate what you show.. thank you so much..

  1. Interesting post, Gerry. I tried to access one of your posts yesterday, and it said the page couldn’t be found. 😦 Hmm, I thought you’d want to know, if you didn’t already. 🙂

    1. Yes, thank you Orples, I have been made aware I do not know why, because I had not posted my second then, several other mentioned this, so am as puzzled as everyone else…thank you again..

  2. Your patience just amazes me! Next I think you should try photographing a series that shows eggs cooking in a pan on the stove. You know, face down toward the pan, watching the eggs go from totally raw to thoroughly cooked. Yes! Do that one!

    1. Now now that would be a test. Maybe we should all test each other with these types of themes. But it is an idea..hee hee! thanks again and enjoyed your ideas…;)

  3. Glad I came back. I like the big, gloppy, drops. What does that say about me? Ugh! Keep ’em comin’. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your return and comment.. I really love your reply and will not comment on what it says about you. You obviously know what you like… thanks very much for liking my stuff…lol 🙂

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