Top Recent Commenter Award

Friday 23rd March 2012

Top Recent Commenter Award

Orples creator Marcy  the person I can thank for this award.  Shes has been a very loyal to my site and I consider her a friend. Her site, which I visit regularly because I enjoy her posts very much,  is well worth a visit if you have not done so already.

Orples Recommended site.

The rules of engagement for accepting this award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate  6 bloggers who comment on your blog the most frequently and notify them of the award.You can find your Top Recent Commenters on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner.
  • Nominate one more person…the 7th. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received, or the one who has posted your most favorite comments Tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh.
  • And answer the following questions:
  1. Tell us about one of your most cherished childhood memories.
  2. Tell us about one of your most cherished memories with your child(ren). If you do not have children, then share one of your pet(s). If you do not have pets either, then one with niece(s), nephew(s), or any combination thereof.
  3. Tell us one thing you have learned from one or both of your parents that has stuck with you throughout the years.
  4. Tell us one thing that you have taught (or intend to teach) your child(ren) that hopeful will stick with them throughout their lifetime
  5. Tell us about your favorite job, whether it is one you hold now or one from the past, and why you enjoy(ed) it.
  6. Tell us what you are doing in pursuit of achieving an attainable goal.
  7. Tell us about one person who had the best influence on you in your life (teacher, neighbor, friend, etc.)

My Answers to the above…

1.I have actually written about this in one of previous posting, About my mother and her violin, the day she handed it over to me. She had not played her violin for over thirty years, and she took it out of its case, tuned up the strings to normal/concert pitch then proceeded to play our National Anthem ‘God Save the Queen’.

2. Again I have made a mention of this in past posts, it was the first time we as a family went to Disney in Orlando. We were all a little overwhelmed and did not know what to expect.  We passed our tickets through the machine and the lady accepted us in, walked through to the square at the end of Main Street, Magic Kingdom, my daughter, Eloise, was gone running off to meet Mickey Mouse and Daisy, who were signing autographs. The smile and look on her face is so unforgettable.

First day at Magic Kingdom

 3.  To try and take things as they come. Deal with what needs to be dealt with one at a time. My mum had a live and let live attitude.

4. I was brought up in the hippy days and anti-war songs etc. I  was part of things like CND, (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) Make love not war. Y’all get the idea. It is these ideals that I try to pass on.

5. No problem here, it was when I was gigging in bands, playing my guitar. It was the enjoyment of thinking that these people were listening or dancing to our sounds.

6. I have not looked at it as attaining a goal, but recently been diagnosed diabetic, and with asthma puts me at high risk so my doctor tells me, so I am now trying to gain courage to play my music in front of people again at folk clubs I frequent.

7. Apart from my mother, my main number one influence, it would have to be a teacher, Mrs Wingate who had faith in me, where I lost a lot of schooling due to ill-health, she kept on being there and assisting.

Top Bloggers on my site are as follows..and Therefore nominees for this award are..


Orples (Marcy) is my top commenter but because she actually received the award and nominated me I will, if okay nominate two extra instead of the one. They will be at random but are worthy in their own right. I follow them and they follow me making the a worthwhile site to visit as is all nominated.. Thank you for understanding.


Is so original and inspirational with his weekly challenges, it is a pleasure to visit or receive comments.

Inside the Mind of Isadora

Very creative and sincere in her posting always a pleasure to visit.

Carol B Sessums

Another quality site, she is a person so full of joys of spring, no matter what. As she says she is a  southern gal. She has adopted me as brother in her heart. and ditto to her but sister.


She not only has a top quality site as well, she has shown to be  loyal and friendly to me and my site. Again I enjoy her visit as I do enjoy visiting her site. Thank you.


I like her comments and her originality on the themes she attacks. Her comment are uplifting and enlightening, making this blogging lark a joy to do. Thank you


Our own little vampire on blogging world. She also has a brill’ site well worth visiting, and another whose comments I love to read. Thank you.


I enjoy her words and pictures and her take on themes and challenges, and she has shown to be another loyal commenter to which I enjoy reading both. Thank you.

I believe all the nominees are followers of my blog so although i will leave a comment in your boxes, please consider yourselves NOMINATED.

Chow for now Peeplez 2012

19 thoughts on “Top Recent Commenter Award

  1. CONGRATULATIONS GERRY! Your site is easy to enjoy. You share your heart with us. I am glad to be one of your followers. Thank you for the recognition.


  2. Thanks for all of the kudos, Gerry. I’m down right blushing at this point.;)

    Reading through your answers, it had to chuckle (my middle name is Eloise) and it appears you grew up about the same time that I did. I too would love to see World peace, but I must admit, I wouldn’t mind tossing a few war-mongering politicians and bankers out into the line of fire first. I know, I’m bad.

    You Gerry, are so deserving of this award, and so I thank you for the many visits you’ve made to my blog, and for your loyalty as well. See you out and about in blog land! 🙂

  3. I so enjoyed reading more about you. You’re a very interesting person, you know. Ya always make me smile, brother. So happy to call you family. 😉 You deserve the award, as you and your blog are so beloved. You are such a great supporter and encourager of others and I always appreciate you. I totally get you on how you felt at Disney, as I had those same feelings. Going for the first and only time, thus far, in ’07, and seeing all of Hallie’s joyful and excited expressions, as well as my mom’s. She wasn’t even looking very forward to going, except for staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but once she arrived, she might as well have been 8 years old again, like Hallie. I, too, felt like a kid again, although that’s not really too different than how I act every day. ha! Always a kid at heart. Our best vacation, yet! So happy to learn more about you every time I read your blog. Trying to play catch-up today. *love and hugs*

    1. Thanks very much for your lovely words again, My family have now been 4 times and I just love the feeling we all get. Magic really does exist, All else fades from our minds when we walk through those Disney gates. Maybe a post will arise for a story, we shall see…. thanks so much much… always caring..

    1. Your are very welcome, Carol, your site portrays you so well and you are so deserved…I love popping over to your site…Thank you for so much,,,;)

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