2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post – Light

Monday 26th March 2012


My Interpretation..

 I  had this little idea the other night for Jakes challenge of ‘Light‘, I took several photos of spotlights and lamps and lampshades, all at different angles, from the side, from the top, bottom. But I found a simple torch gave a far better picture and more interesting picture. Maybe not brilliant or technically great, but is mine and I think it is interesting, So here is my cute little pictures. At least to me it is.

If you want to join in the fun then follow the link to Jakes for all the info you require.


All pictures are the property of GAC/A Geelongs Pictures and Prints. No unauthorised use is allowed..


34 thoughts on “2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post – Light

  1. Jake will be pleased when he finds out that you went out to seek subject matter for his challenge. These are cute, Gerry. So you get double brownie points for a job well done. 😉

      1. Brownie points are like plus marks, so if you mess up and get negative marks, they cancel them out … it is just a figure of speech really. If your get brownie points, it is like getting imaginary gold stars … it means ‘you done good!’. There are no ‘real’ freebies of any kind involved. It might just be an American expression ???, since you seem to be taking me seriously, Gerry. I like to play a lot, and joke around, if you haven’t noticed yet.

    1. Marcy, with reference to your last comment, I think we have a mis-understanding. I do realise and love your jesting, light hearted humour. And I am returning it, but I think our languages are getting lost. UK brownie is the same as yours but I think there is a mis understand of my version of freebies, I think I lost the humour side in my way of writing. I was trying to be light hearted but it did not transfer well. It read ok my side but not yours. Very sorry for this and hope it does not affect our commenting or stop our banter, light hearted comments..;) I am not always serious and do try to be humourous with people that I feel I am now friends with..you being one. Apologies..
      My spell check is telling me My spelling is wrong, We write humour while the American is Humor. So Marcy do not let this upset any friendship built up, thank you so much… hope this helps..

  2. I think a “torch” is what we here in the US would call a flashlight, correct? I like the second picture of the little glass bear and how the light from below gives him what almost looks like a little halo. It’s an interesting idea to light objects with a torch/flashlight.

  3. I like what you did here for Light! I like them both, but the second little guy really intrigues me! He has quite the sparkles coming out of his head! Sweet! Good post for Light! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Aw, these are sooo cute, Gerry. I especially love that adorable glass bear sitting on the flashlight/torch. He looks magical – radiating light. Cool entry for the theme, bro. 😉

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