Legendary Post

Pursue of Pursued

by Gerry Ainger

His legs were pedaling with all his might, sweat beading down his forehead, dripping into his eyes, stinging and blurring his vision. He kept looking back, over his shoulder, he could not see any sign of his pursuers, but he could hear them. The rumble of wheels running over the damp stony track. The voices shouting out after him. This made his legs go even faster. His aching muscles beginning to tell. The noise of them beginning to get louder, he knew they were closing in. He could not give in, he could not slacken off. He knew he had to keep going. His breathing was very deep, he was panting hard, he felt his heart beat crashing against his rib cage. He did not how much longer he could carry on. But he knew he must. Again he looked behind, over his shoulder…

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  1. That’s enough to get me interested and think what happens next. Just a few lines to create tension reads brilliantly.

  2. Gerry, as I wrote on the other page, this was excellently executed. I did figure out somewhere along the way, closer to the end, that it was likely a race and not a pursuer-prey situation, but I like the analogy because the front runner would have felt like prey, the one the others need to beat. What I liked most about this is how deftly you took me into this world and made me feel each strained muscle, each effort, each moment of tension. The final run was heart poundingly real, even though I’ve never been in the cyclist world, I could still identify and feel it all. Wow! Fine writing, that’s all I can say!

    1. Judee, what can I say, with praise like this, I am truly honoured and bemused and humbled as to people liking it.To get the praise like this is beyond any dreams I had. I was not even sure about posting it.
      I did comment back on the other page to you, thanks for that.
      I am so happy that people were taken along and if only for a short while did not realise the chase. Thank you so much…..fingers crossed now..;)

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