Pretty Birdies.

12th April 2012

Another Slideshow    

Oh no! not another slideshow.

Well it takes up less space, I hear myself arguing with myself..

Oh no I’m not.

Oh man make up your mind.

Ok, so I like slideshows with the right pictures.

Just some photos I took a few years back. All were taken at the Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, Combe Martin , North Devon. UK.

I just thought I would post a few pictures. No challenges or other related tasks.

Just uploading a new post for the love and hope all you wonderful people like it.

I do have some more for a later post of birds of prey. They are a little sad though.

Watch this Space, Just in Case.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


All pictures are the property of Gerry A/C and please no unauthorised use permitted without Gerry A/C written permission…Thanks.


26 thoughts on “Pretty Birdies.

  1. Look at the birdie! Oh man, they are gorgeous. The blue and orange…macaws? Parrots? What? They are beautiful. Bring on the slide shows. I’ve jumped on that train thanks to you 🙂

  2. I like slideshows too. I like the fact they take up less space and you aren’t scrolling down, they are beautifully effortless to watch plus they give a sense of motion. Nice birdies too.

    1. Thanks and thanks for both liking slideshows and my birdies. Your reasons are precisely the reason I like them as well. Thanks again for your visit and comment. 🙂

  3. Love those birds. The frames are a great eye-catching touch. Well, I really enjoy the slideshows. Slideshows give a fun presentation, especially yours. Great shots! Been missin’ ya, brother. Trying to catch up today. 😉 *hug*

    1. Thanks once again for your lovely words and always enjoy your visit. Catching up,, I know what you mean. but will get there.. so pleased you like them, and the slideshow. Just trying to be original and different. speak to you again, and ditto to missing you…..always caring 😉

  4. Don’t apologize for the slide show, Gerry. I love them. I’m working on collecting some more photos — of my spruce tree — to do another one too. It’s the best way to share pictures. Doesn’t take much room, and if people are not interested, they can move on to some other post more easily than if we just put up an entire page of photos.

    1. Well, sandra it seems I am outnumbered with this slideshow thing. so glad you enjoyed them, am thinking of posting some birds of prey. not sure yet, trying to think of something different. always caring 😉

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