Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects.

14th April 2012

Two Subjects.                                                                              

Gerry A/C                                                    A slightly boring post this time around, graphically that is.

Music and Woodwork!


Below are three certificates from my mother. The two music ones were part of her violin and musical achievements. Those of you who read my earlier posts might recall my story of the time my mother passed her violin over to me. A treasure I still have, and will always have.

The woodwork certificate was attained and was to become part of her contribution to the war effort. She went on to help build gun boats that patrolled the English waters and protected the mainland.

This certificate was a duet,  she did tell me a little story about her duet partner, but for the life of me I cannot recall it.

Not that any one would want to but the above pictures are the property of the author, Gerry A/C and no unauthorised use is allowed without written permission by the said author. thank you.

Gerry Ainger/C 2012


49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects.

    1. Yes, in a beautiful small village,on the estuary waters of Southampton. A place Called Bucklers Hard. She did tell me a few stories of her days during the war. Unfortunately she was taken from this world to soon.. thanks for liking and visit..

  1. These are really cool! Your mother’s name seems to be French. Is it? What a story this woman had: a violinist who did woodwork on gunboats. Thanks for telling us about her.

    1. Yes, Trish, Ninon, is french for nylon or silk, and Ainger not really sure, French possible also German possible, Without tracing back and finding the various spellings.. Yes she had a few stories,..Thanks so much for your visit and comments..love it.;)

    1. It has now been many years since her leaving for the other world. But she has always remained alive in my mind and thoughts. my mother my friend… thanks for visit and comment…… love it.. 🙂

  2. Wow, your Mom did start playing the violin at a young age. Obviously, you are very proud of her. I can’t say that I blame you, Gerry. 😉

    1. Marcy, those certificates show her to be 16. Yes, she was my friend as well as mother.. I am proud. Love your visit and comments thanks as always. always caring. 😉

    1. why thanks so much, Carol, What with these and her violin, pure gold to me. As I said to Orples, she was my friend as well. I might do a post with some pictures of her pre-war.

    1. Thanks Jake as always am honoured. Appreciate your visit and comment. ps, have not done your challenges lately because behind and had to take a break…;)

    1. Thanks Jo for your visit and comment, I do not have much apart from these and the said violin and a few old photos. My best memories are in my head. Thanks again 😉

  3. They are wonderful and not remotely boring. They can’t have been in black and white though? Did you scan them with a b&w scanner?? The woodwork one is quite amazing – it’s so much more interesting to see individual tales of ‘the war effort’ and realise what was involved for people. You said you may write a post about her in one of the comments above – that would be great.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words, i am honoured, thanks for that. No the certificates are not black and white, they are a little faded now, but one music had red writing and the other had blue, all showing age. and the Woodwork was just a normal style cream back ground and Black writing. I did the black and white. I felt it showed up better. maybe right maybe wrong… I might put a thumbnail of the colours on post update!! thanks so much..;)

  4. Such treasures you have. I know you cherish them. It’s so apparent. And it’s so lovely that you do.

    It’s hard sometimes looking back knowing that information we’d love to have now is no longer attainable; because we have found more meaning in it now as we’ve grown older. We realize the chances we missed in documenting the stories, the peoples names, the dates, etc….I so wish that I’d asked more, and journaled more while both my mom and grandmother were alive. I’m trying to make up for it now by journaling everything. Even everyday things.

    1. I also wish I had a few more conversations with her or my dad, but I suppose it was not something people of the war like to talk too much about. But I was lucky enough for her to tell me some pieces. I might, if I recall correctly make a post of it. I am doing a personal album for my daughter, so she knows a few things about my side of the family, again another story for another day. Thank you so much for making me think some more. always honoured. 😉

  5. I don’t think this is boring at all. In fact, I think it’s amazing that your mother built gun boats during the war – how cool is that! Great take on this week’s theme 🙂

    1. Yes, she once showed me some pictures of these boats. She always said she could never be a land girl. So I suppose this was very apt. Thanks so much for your visit and comment… ;).

    1. Oh is that so,,, I live in southampton but my roots are the New forest, Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst approx 14 miles away. thanks so much for you visit and comment. 😉

      1. We have just had a friend from Brockenhurst staying with us for three weeks! And spent a night with her there in September. I simply love cycling in the New Forest.

      2. might know them, my two brothers still live in Brockenhurst, Fathersfield, my family home. Beautiful place,,, still return regularly as it is only a few miles always, an parents buried in church. Thanks again always caring,..;)

  6. oh i so love that this post is all about your mom, gerry, and also delighted that you’ve shared such interesting tidbits about her. a violinist and a woodworker: wow. that is so awesome. you have me wishing that i’d had the opportunity to meet her and get to know her more. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and visit. Yeh, she was taken too early and she had so much more to offer..I am honoured to read your lovely words and thanks..;)

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