Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Sun’

20th April 2012


The three pictures are entrance door way into Battle Abbey/Battlefield. East Sussex.

Battle Abbey was founded to commemorate the battle, and dedicated in 1095. The high altar of the Abbey church was reputedly on the spot where Harold died. The Abbey gateway is still the dominant feature of the south end of the main street, although little remains of the rest of the Abbey buildings. The remaining cloisters, part of the west range, were leased to Battle Abbey School shortly after World War I, and the school remains in occupancy to this day.

The abbey at Battle has been known for centuries as Battle Abbey. It and the abbey church were initially dedicated to Saint Martin, sometimes known as “the Apostle of the Gauls”, and named in his honour.

info via       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle,_East_Sussex


Below is  The Monument  which was was erected in 1840 in memory of Sir Harry Burrard Neale the MP for Lymington in 1832.

The photos are the property of the author Gerry A/C, unauthorised use is forbidden.  GAA/C.


46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Sun’

    1. Well, lucky I looked back here! I meant CAN’T lose with those. I need to reread what I write before I insult someone. Sorry, Gerry!

    1. Glad you like it, some times a little means a great deal. I never know whether to put to much writing on these photo blogs. thank you, always welcome.. 😉

  1. I could look at pictures like this all day. I love reading historical fiction and it’s really cool to actually see the castles and battlefields. I suppose the battlefields themselves aren’t too exciting to photograph though?

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and yes battlefields nowadays are just grasslands with notices of history on them. But can be fun to read though. Castles are always good to photograph, can look so different and varying times and angles…welcomed..;)

    1. Thank you Wendell and I hope you have noticed now, although a little late, I did a post just this week with your nominations and post being promoted. Titled ‘3Wards Thank you’ Hope you enjoy and approve.

    1. Wendell you are welcome because I enjoy reading your poems some more meaningful to me than others, but that is poetry. I thank you very much and you are always welcome and am honoured, thank you. 😉

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