SUNDAY POST : Stairway

23rd april 2012


Sunday Post -Stairway.

Join in the Fun..

 Oh my word, it is another part of a castle. Looking up the stairway as opposed to one of my previous pictures where I was looking down…

Below is a view from the cliff top looking over Hastings sea front. If you look closely you might see the the long winded stairway trek up the cliff. However I used the little train carriage. Why? Cause I can! no actually not fit enough…..

Thanks Jake, I have not done your challenge for a little while, you know time etc, other things. May you and everyone else who visit my post enjoy it.

Gerry A/C  protected photographs 2012


30 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Stairway

  1. Wow, these are the settings of a mystery novel. Such heavy stone in that castle. I’ve never been to Britain so it’s all novel for me. Great photos again!

  2. I know you thought about me and my love for castles when you put this post together, Gerry. So thank you! Wonderful photos, by the way. 🙂

      1. On vacation …. found it relaxing and reviving .. no interent service. It was difficult at first and then it seemed like a nice needed break. I am glad to be back , though. I missed everyone. ~~~~ : – )

  3. I like both of these, Gerry — especially the one looking UP the stairs. Wouldn’t you have hated to live back then, when you had to go up and downs these kinds of stairways on a regular basis?!?

      1. Man, if it meant not having to negotiate those stairs several times a day, being a peasant would have great appeal. There’s a lot to be said for being just an ordinary “man on the street.”

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