You tube funny

23rd April 2012

A friend sent me this, see if you can watch without smiling, I bet most of you will do more than smile…

Please enjoy.


If you dont enjoy I’ll send the ‘Establishment’ round to your sites..heheheehee!

Enjoy..Gerry A /C


33 thoughts on “You tube funny

  1. I was surprised that Tracie actually did the river dance, Gerry. I think he even surprised the host. That was a cute share… I’m still laughing. 🙂 Fun share, for sure. Thanks. 🙂

  2. I’ll be expecting a knock on the door from the big E. That’s just reminded me of everything I have never liked about popular culture. Hey, but if other people like it, no worries.

    1. So appreciate your visit and comments even I am not on the same planet as you. You get me thinking,, I will assume you enjoyed….love reading your comments,, thanks again..;)

    1. Wow what can I say, I will be in touch via sites, thanks so much.. I am very glad that you enjoy my site/postings to think of me… So again I say Wendell thanks so much..

  3. I thought “hear we go no doubt it won’t amuse me” but you were right, I could not help but smile through it. I’m still smiling now and my cheeks are beginning to ache!! A nice cheer up Gerry just moments after a disappointment! Immie 😀

  4. Oh my goodness! Gerry, that was stinkin’ hilarious! I was in the living room laughing at the video and Hallie heard me. She thought I was crying and came runnin’. Ha! She had a good laugh, too. Thank you for sharing this bout of belly laughter. 😉

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