Liebster Blog Award

 Nominated date – 14th April 2012 GAC/A

Posting date – Wednesday 25th April 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Gemma was kind enough to nominate me for this award and it with great honour that I accept it. Pop along to her site and say hello, she will welcome your visit.  But as Gemma said on her site it is stressful, not only answering the questions  but the nominating  of other blogs can be very stressful. So please bear with me, thanks.

One rule of accepting the Liebster Blog award is to tell five things about myself that you don’t already know.  

Here it goes:

1. I started playing the guitar at the age of 15.

2. I once hitch-hiked to Newcastle, approx 360 miles, with a friend, and we arrived at the pub we agreed to meet my geordie friends at 5.55pm. Making our journey about 12hrs. Our journey is a great story in the waiting.. My co conspirator realised he had lost a wellington boot. Three days later when returned home we found his wellington boot, on the side of the road standing upright exactly where we started our journey days earlier…..

3. I was a baby when born. Very very young boy.

4. My grand-dad lied about his age to join the Navy in the 1st World war.

5. I was supposed to have my tonsils out when 10 years old. I chickened out and ran from the hospital. Still got them. Never had a problem with them. It was a common thing, in those days with asthmatic children.

The second rule for accepting the Liebster Blog award is to pass it on to 5 unassuming, but deserving souls.  I will pass this on, and I REALLY don’t want to seem ungrateful, but these award things are getting  very stressful,not so much the awards so much, it is the rules, so if you feel the same, I don’t want you to feel any obligation (other than to thank me for thinking of you) so here it goes – again…

1. Francine

2. Immie    



5. Polly.    

Hope all was done okay, and my nominees enjoy…

Gerry A/C 2012


30 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Hi Gerry, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve all the awards you receive. Thank you for thinking of me for this one. I am honored to receive it from you. I also understand the work behind accepting these awards because I am behind as well. I plan to respond to this one early next week if that is OK, by then I will hopefully be caught up and able to choose bloggers to forward this award to.


    1. You are so welcome Francine, you so deserve it and others that might come your way. No problem, do it in your own time, This one has been in my bank for awhile, still some more to catch up on including a third ‘you’ve been tagged’ we’ll see on tha t one..any way thanks for your support and likings..

  2. Congrats on the award!
    I had a relative who lied about his age to join the military during WWI. I think that was fairly common in those days, don’t you?!

    1. Thank you Margie for stopping by and commenting, and yes, my grandfather and my mother did say it was common, but truth is that so many people died in this war, the authorities did not check to deeply….just neede people to fight regardless…

  3. Congrats Gerry! I enjoy your blog. I can’t believe the boot was still there…there is more to this story 🙂 Thanks so much for nominating my blog. That was very kind and I appreciate it. Congrats again and enjoy the success!

  4. LOL, so you were a baby when you were born, who’d have ever guessed? Congrats on your newest award, Gerry, and thanks for the laugh. Silly boy, you. 🙂

  5. Some interesting disclosures, and thanks for thinking of me!
    I have reluctantly decided that good time management (well, I try!) doesn’t permit me to participate in such awards with the attention they deserve, so I abstain.

    1. Thanks for your reply and praise at the same time. For you and your decision is to be honoured and accepted. Thanks again for your visit and always welcome. )

  6. Gerry, You are truly a trooper. So many people out there-too many to mention-deserve awards, recognition, accolades, and more. I wish there was an easier way to distribute and notice. I appreciate that you accepted and promise to just lavish you with well-deserved praise from this time forward.
    Peace. 🙂

    1. Hi Gemma, yes it is truly difficult, as you say, so many brilliant bloggers, what with many having the awards already and then naming individuals for the award. Stressful indeed. All award I nominate are not necessarily better or more deserved than any other. Just that their blogs differ to each other. All are good for varying reasons, but we are closer to some than others.But we have to support each other, I enjoy this. Thank you Gemma for thinking of me and your continuing praise and support…;)

  7. He he he.I know what you are talking about.It’s great to be nominated but the after is what it’s stresstful.They should make it a bit easier.
    Congratulations by the way!!!

    1. Hey Lynn, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, always welcome and appreciated. Stressful it is and may seem a little biased. But too many brilliant bloggers to choose from. Thank you so much.

  8. 😀 Gerry my draw dropped when I saw your comment and link. I was so surprised and shocked as well that I was in for a treat! 🙂 Yay!! You have made me very happy indeed and, still balled-over, **Thank You** ❤ This is Great….And a *BIG* congratulations to you for getting one and another Thank you for giving one to me. Makes me feel my endurance and efforts since starting has been truly worth it 😀

  9. I almost missed this, sorry – and thank you. Congratulations to yourself and a question – what does Leibster mean? 😉 Oh wait, nevermind, my daughter told me – it’s the “Preferred blog award, or something like that. I do appreciate you nominating me, and will add it to my page of awards – I’ve got to re-arrange it a bit, but it will get there. The hardest part for me is nominating because there are so many fabulous blogs out there, and I’m behind on nominating for a few other awards, too – gotta figure out how to do that and include my faves. Anyway, patience, my friend, I’ll get tuit eventually. 😉 Thank you again!

  10. I agree 100%, Gerry. These awards with all the “rules” can be more of a burden than they are a blessing. I really do appreciate the people who passed awards on to me because they thought my work was deserving of them. But if that’s why awards are given, then they should not come with rules that have to be followed. When they do, the questions arise: Did I receive this award for my work? And if I did, then why can I accept it ONLY if I pass it on to 15 other people (whom I probably don’t know)?

    I like the part about the blogger telling about himself, because that’s how we get to know each other, but the other part is bordering on the ridiculous. I’m sure the original creators thought it would be a way of getting bloggers to interact more, but they did not think very far ahead. I WANT to honor other bloggers whose work I admire, but I even hesitate to send them an award for fear of putting that kind of burden on them as well.

    So I have made the decision to just stop the madness. When I passed on the “Versatile Blogger” award, I passed it on to only 5 people — all people I thought fit the criteria and who had not already received it. I also told them not to feel any pressure at all about how many people they passed it on to. Another blogger, a poet named Dennis Lange, expressed his sentiments on the subject and agreed totally with you and me both. I admire your stand to “stop the madness” as well. I noticed you did that with another award — passing it on to everyone who visited and enjoyed your site. Good for you! (And I especially like the item in your list of personal information: “I was a baby when born.”)

    I’m thinking about creating an award of my own that can honor someone but carry ABSOLUTELY NO RULES for them to obey at all. They can just enjoy it. Of course, that won’t be until I get lots of free time (sigh!).

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Well Sandra where do I start, Yes you have hit everything on the head. The taggings and challenges etc that bloggers set up get inter-action and we all talk to each other, and learn about each other, I enjoy most things in this world of blogging, especially people like yourself, but I started this blogging because I enjoyed it, but there is a great deal of stress related to these awards and can be or seem unfair. I do not like to name one blogger over another. We all have our specialties and someone will always post something we all like more than some one else’s. But next week the roles are reversed.
      Sandra thank you so much for you long comment, I look forward to your Award. ,

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