Guitar Art!

Tuesday May 1st 2012

Just taking a break from the Photo Challenges, Award nominations the Tagging answers and the visiting and commenting on fellow bloggers sites. This I Apologise for now, I have 160 email alerts etc to get through, ‘that is a lot for me’ I hear some of you say that is not many Heehee!   Me stating the amount of emails is not a complaint, because I enjoy reading and acting on them, but I know there are many of you that receive more. 

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All the pictures are of the Guitar Art people. I cannot remember where I got these from, it was a very long time ago. But they are very good, even if you are not into guitars, they make lovely and artistic pictures. For you all while I’m  just taking a break from the pressure of challenges etc, so I ask you to please enjoy,

 Gerry A/C 2012


29 thoughts on “Guitar Art!

  1. I have 416 unread e-mails as I write (in ‘this’ e-mail account), Gerry and a whining child in the back ground, so boo, hoo, to you. LOL. I’ve backed off blogging some myself. There is just so much time in a day. Rather than suffer a nervous break-down trying to get through it all, I do what I can and hope everyone understands. I doubt they give you computers in the nut-house, if you know what I mean. 🙂 Bottom line … don’t feel singled out. I think we all get overwhelmed. See you soon, I’m sure. I bet you will miss us sooner than you think. 🙂 In the meantime, take care and above all, enjoy life.

  2. Love the guitar wallpapers! Thanks for sharing Gerry and take your time my friend. 🙂

    1. Glad you liked and enjoyed them, I thought people might like them for the originality of them.. thanks so much.Sonel as always welcome. 😉

  3. Hi Gerry. These are great – I can see themn as wall posters! It’s good to take a pause…no apologies needed…and yes, I have enjoyed this. 🙂

    1. Thank you Cathy for your appreciative words of support. Glad you enjoyed, might look for more for later post who knows…. always welcome and am honoured.. thank you.. 😉

    1. Thank you Gemma, for your visit and comment. This is just a stress free post and am surprised as to its likes..always honoured, thanks 😉

  4. Wow, Gerry, I really like these — as you can see from my double take on the “Like” button! Actually, I didn’t mean to click it twice, but my computer is having memory problems, and it drops the pictures and buttons every once in a while. About the time I go to click on something, it’s gone or has jumped around. Technology! #!!~^&$(*#$#!!!!!

    Anyway, I really do like these pictures. I think the last two were my favorites, but they are all interesting. I’m going to try — if my computer will let me — to share this post on Facebook, so that my musician friends can enjoy them too.

    And as I think I made clear earlier: blogging and all its various parts should be a blessing and not a burden. Follow your heart. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

    (By the way, I hope I told you that Sandra Conner .. by the Book and Hangin’ Out With God are one and the same person. I tend to start a conversation when I’m logged into one and then refer to it or finish it while logged in as the other. Don’t want to confuse anyone.)

    1. You (both hee hee!)are welcome and I am doubly honoured. I do have a few more pics but was not even sure about these, as it seems quite popular. Welcome to re-post on FB. If computer allows. Yes I love blogging and bloggers and will take heed of your advice.. thanks again, so honoured…;)

  5. Okay, you got me. I have over 100 alerts to get through foe WP and some other civilian mail. But saw this and was intriqued. Very cool, amazing art. Sending this to my little brother. Thanks.

    1. so glad you like, and if your little brother likes, I just thought they might be a a small easy to look at pictures to enjoy with no other commitments or expectations. 😉 thanks and as always welcome…

  6. Hi Gerry – cruising through your posts and found this one. I have always wanted to use my mosaics on a guitar, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I read you play guitar as well. The only guitar I have is an old 1954 Fender that was my dad’s originally, then my brother’s who passed away last August. I can’t bear to cover it for many reasons, but hope to find one to work with one day. Keep that in mind should you ever desire to have a mosaic original of your own 🙂

  7. No dont mosaic your Fender, your talent is top notch, but is not for your fender. That guitar I would hazard a guess is pretty valuable. I have a 40 year guitar I bought for 37 pounds UK. It is allegedly worth now 500-600 pounds UK. But I would never pay that for it today. But I would quite like you to mosaic my other one, how ever one problem..Atlantic Ocean… Thanks so much for your visit and great comment. You are always welcome..thank you…;)

    1. Yes, the Atlantic is a big obstacle 🙂 Well, it was a thought. Yes, I would never dream of doing ANYTHING to that Fender. It has too much sentimental value if not real value. My brother did modify it slightly so it’s not worth the maximum it could be, but still has significant value, just the same. I’ve got it stored in it’s original case as well. Don’t think I’ll ever part with it and desperately hope that one of my boys will take up playing guitar one day……. Thank you for all your kind words on my work. Keep up the great posts. Reading your profile info, I doubt you have much “time on your hands” these days.
      Continued happy blogging my cyber friend 🙂

      1. Thanks TB, I have a violin from my mother,the date of it is remember correctly is 1932, many years old, it is not valuable monetary wise, but sentimental is priceless. Never could get the hang of playing it, hope to pass it to my daughter as a keepsake. Would never sell it. So I fully agree with you and have you can pass it on to your kids and been loved. mine violin is gathering dust in its case under my bed…;) until next time always caring,,;)

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