Missing Kids!

Friday 4th May 2012

Just a short but important post..please support..

Missing Kids


I have also just put the above Widget in my sidebar. And if later when have not much to do, a little spare time, you can click on it, then you will be taken to the web site. Here you can peruse at your leisure and if possible hopefully help.

This web site also has a link to the USA  version of the UK. One will also find many links and posters etc and photo’s. I say if we can all reblog this and Lady Barefoot Baroness’s site  http://tonij.wordpress.com/   then these pictures will whizz around the world in no time at all.

ONE LITTLE CLICK! go on you know you want to…..

Gerry A / C  2012

10 thoughts on “Missing Kids!

  1. This must be the post you were speaking of. I did miss it How I am not sure, but so glad I have not this time. Going to reblog on mine blog again. Thanks so much friend for all the help, support, encouragement, and the shout out too.

    1. No worries, and no problem, it is an honour to help, especially for you and this worth the effort postings. Always so welcome…;)

      1. (*+*) You RE PRETTY PERCEPTIVE KIND Sir! I AM impressed. No I don’t sleep, it’s part of my chronic illness, a symptom of it I should rather say. I used to get so angry that the rest of the world could lay their heads on their pillows and be out like a light. Since the Internet, time zones, and friends like you I no longer feel so alone during those dark hours.~that most everyone else here on my side of the world is asleep.
        Insomnia can be a wicked beast.

    2. I at least hope that you are being able to cope now, I myself dont sleep a lot, part of my make up, and being Asthmatic. but as you say, internet and computers and new found friends makes waking hours at the very least tolerable. Always in my thoughts my Lady.
      PS ; I have had another re-blog, so our little chugging train has got another carriage.

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